Full Up

Full Up

he tells me

I’m full of it

does than mean

full of hot air

full of bullshit

full of blessings

full to the brim

or spilling over

dripping down the sides

with a puddle of it

all around me

a puddle that keeps getting bigger


is there no room

for anything else

am I so full of it

I can’t change




am I’m so full of it

that I feel nothing else


I feel empty 

not full up


even as full as I supposedly am 


this being full of it


is an attempt to shame me

I get that

but I’m so full of it

I feel no shame

there’s no room 

for your judgements 

to find footing

I’m not adding your shame

to the it

I already carry

at least I carry it well

no thanks to you

who aren’t full of anything

all I hear is the hollow echo

of your emptiness

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