Picture Perfect 10

As Warszawa and Clarke drove away, Dan rubbed his fingers against the palm of his hand. What was that look all about? Was Warszawa showing some sort of interest him. 

His cell phone rang. Sanjay’s face lit up on the screen as his incoming caller.

“Sanjay! I was just thinking about you.” He said.

“Me too. I mean I was also thinking about you not about me. Will you be home at the usual time? It seems like weeks since we had a meal together.”

This was the main stress on their relationship. Finding and making time to be together for more than a few hours.

“I’ll make sure I’m there. You do the same.”


“Even if Sylvan offers you triple-time.”

“Yes, of course. If I am delayed you can triple-time my Gulab Jamuns.”

“Not so much rosewater this time. Your balls taste fine without it.”


After a busy morning James was enjoying a routine afternoon at the shop until Kevin McLeod arrived, he had Mario Delucia and another man with him.

“Kevin,” they hugged. “It’s been ages since I’ve seen you. Mario,” he shook Mario’s hand, ‘You’re looking well. And this is …”

“Stewart O’Connor.” Stewart was a little taller than both Mario and Kevin. His full beard made him look older as well.

“So you are getting married?” Dan said, glancing between Kevin and Mario. 

“Not that I have a choice.” Kevin kissed Stewart.

Dan was puzzled. He’d expected Mario to be the other groom.

“Well, actually I did have a choice. We each pulled name out of a hat and Stewart and I were the winning combination.”

“Combination?” Dan asked.

“It could have just easily been Stewart and Mario. But it does make more sense that it’s me with either of them.”

“Oh?” Dan was more puzzled.

“We’re a …” Mario stopped to find the right word.

“Triad.” Stewart supplied. “Not all that unusual in ichthyology.”

“Stewart is a marine biologist.” Mario explained. 

“I see.” Dan had heard of polyamory but this was the first time he’d actual met a triad. 

“Mario will be best man.”

“Very best.” Stewart joked. 

“Okay.” Dan said. “It’s been some years since I shot a wedding. What did you have in mind?”

“It’ll be a simple three ring ceremony.” Kevin began.

“At Pride.” Mario added.

“In front of a hundred thousand people.” Stewart shook his head.

“Pride because that’s where I really came out.”

“You had too much talent to keep in any closet.” Stewart said.

“So you’ll want the shoot there?” Dan was already thinking of the logistics. In the past ten years Kevin had become a major international pop star. Canada’s answer to Elton John.

“Of course.” Kevin said. “But I really want something more subtle for actual wedding. The parade and all that comes after the fact.

“It’s not as if you need the exposure.” Daniel said.

“True.” Mario explained. “But after the success of Kevin’s pro-marriage song we figured it was a good idea.”

“Just cause I can’t have your baby

don’t mean I’ll take your maybe

if you want it

you’ll knot it

cause I’m drivin’ you crazy’’ Kevin sang the chorus.

“So we’re talking the end of June, right. Gives us more than a few months to prepare.” Dan said. “How much of a budget do have for this?”

“How much did Beyonce spend on her wedding?” Kevin asked Mario.

“Look Kevin.” name said sternly. “You promised this wasn’t going to too over-the-top. It’s a three ring ceremony, not a three-ring circus.”

“Trust me it won’t be.” Dan said. “Not if I can help it. If that’s what you want, and I wouldn’t blame you, but I’m the photographer for you.”

“Okay.” Kevin said. “There’s be an official engagement party next week. Can you be there?”
“As guest or photographer? I come free as a guest but if you want pictures I don’t come free.” He’d learned to draw that line years ago after being asked to bring his camera along to various friends’ function.

“I get you Dan. Sometimes I’d like to go to party where I’m not expected to perform. Guest. My friend. Guest.”


“Bring Sanjay, too.”

“He’s such a big fan there’s no way I could stop him.”

“We’re doing a circus motif for the engagement party.” Stewart added.

“His daughter’s idea.” Marco said. “She never got a real birthday so thinks we have to make it up to her this way.”

“I see.” Dan said even though he didn’t quite get it. “As long as I don’t have to wear clown white.”

“No.” Kevin said. “We’re leaving costumes to the professionals.”

“Time to get to the studio Kevin.” Mario said.

“Okay okay. We’re working on a follow up to the hit. Knot Got Me Caught.”

“Catchy.” Dan said as they left the shop.

The place was very quiet as he, Sandy and Ushio looked at each other in stunned amazement.



“And then Kevin McLeod walks in with his two husbands.” Dan was going through the events of his day for Sanjay.

“What!” Sanjay turned away from the sink where he had been doing the dishes. “Two?”

“You heard me. Only one of them will be the legal husband. The rewards of being young and famous and rich.”

“Is that a note of envy in your voice? You’d like two husbands I suppose.”

“Sanj I have barely enough time for one.” He hugged Sanjay from behind pushing his hands though the top of his sweats to play with Sanjay’s foreskin. “I bet neither of them has anything as sweet as this.”

You want it, You gotta knot it first.” Sanjay sang.

“Oh man. Don’t quit your day job.” Dan continued to caress Sanjay as he got hard in his hands. “This is too thick to tie a knot in anyway.”

He remembered the first time he and Sanjay had sex. They’d met on line on a site for bears and their admirers. It turned out that neither of them were bears though but the attraction was there. 

Dan found Sanjay’s wide face and sense of humour enough to make him want more. Sanjay said it was Dan’s smooth skin that turned him on the most when they first met. It took two dates before they actually got to the practical matter of sexual compatibility.

Dan hooked his thumbs around the waist band of Sanjay’s sweats and began to pull them down.

“Hey!” Sanjay slapped at his hand. “At least let me finish the dishes.”

“Yes, master.” Dan nuzzled Sanjay’s ear. “How’s this.”

“Not much better.” Sanjay giggled and reached behind with one hand to fondle’s Dan’s cock. “Good thing you are wearing jeans or I’d be unable to finish my work.”

Dan took his hands out of Sanjay’s sweats, put one over Sanjay’s hand to press it harder on his cock and stroked Sanjay’s erection through the front of his sweats.

“You want to finish these?” Squirmed around to face Dan.

“Nope. I’d rather finish this.” He pushed Sanjay’s sweats down past his ankles and leaned over to suck the head of his cock.

San pumped his hips slightly. “Ah yes, that is a good worker.”

Dan knelt. Hands on Sanjay’s ass he pushed Sanjay deeper into his mouth then let him back out a little. He worked his tongue under the foreskin, tasting pre-come. He gently bit the loose skin.

“Oh. Oh.” Sanjay gasped. “Yes. Yes. Harder. Bite that skin harder.”

Dan bit a little harder. Sanjay rocked his hips a little, pulled his cock out and then came on Dan’s face.

“Let me wipe that off for you.” With a ragged sigh he rubbed his cock in his come on Dan’s chin

As he did that Dan attempted to catch Sanjay’s cock in his mouth again.

“You can’t get enough, can you you cock-sucking slut.” He shoved his still hard cock back into Dan’s mouth then pulled it out. He forced Dan to stand up and kissed him, smearing the come on both their faces.

“You like that.” He grunted between kisses.

“You know I do.”

“Then you are going to like this even more.”

Sanjay stepped out of his sweats and kicked them away. Then he undid Dan’s jeans and forced down to his ankles, pushed him around and bent him over the table. He dropped to his knees and tongued Dan’s ass. He reached around to jack Dan off.

Dan moaned while he reached back to push Sanjay’s face between his ass cheeks. The rub of Sanjay’s whiskers on his ass cheeks made his eyes water with pleasure.

“Oh, baby yes. Eat that fucking ass. Eat it.”

Sanjay did for a few minutes then stood to grab some lube from behind the cookie jar on the kitchen counter.

“You ready for this?” he said as he rubbed lube on his cock and then along Dan’s ass crack and up his hole.

“Oh!” Dan said. “I see you were ready.”

“Yeah. Why wait for dessert before I have dessert. Right? Nothing like some fresh butt pie to make me happy.”

He pressed his cock along Dan’s ass and gently pushed the head in.

“Ow.” Dan steeled himself. “Slowly. It’s been awhile.”

“Don’t I know it.” Sanjay pushed in a little.

“Be still.” Dan said. He held his breath as his ass muscles relaxed enough to allow Sanjay to enter deeper. Then pushed down on the cock to encourage Sanjay to push up at the same time.

“I love to open you up.” He trust deeper. In and out slowly.

“That’s it.” Dan rolled his head back on Sanjay’s shoulders. “Who knew we would turn out to be the perfect height for each other.”

The table began to move as Sanjay fucked Dan harder. They did a quick pivot so Dan could brace himself against the kitchen counter.

“Better?” He asked.

“Perfect, baby, perfect.”

Sanjay held Dan’s hips as he trust faster and deeper. His knees flexed and his last few trusts lifted Dan right off the floor. He stopped abruptly and pulled his cock out.

Dan felt hot come splatter the small of his back.

“Whoa!” Sanjay breathed out. “I’m getting too old for that sort of thing.”

“Didn’t feel that way to me.” Dan wiped the come off his back and used it to lube his dick. As he stoked he guided Sanjay’s hand to his balls. Sanjay squeezed them and kissed him until he came.

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