Password: Isolation

Are we near to planking yet? Some once was star believes covid19 is part of a conspiracy to rid the planet of everyone over 60 (who isn’t as rich as them to buy protection & distance). Media whores can always spin events to get themselves some focus. Go back to your room once was star.

I’m watching these cooking competitions on the Food Network & thinking they must have all been in the can before covid19 was out of the bag. Will there be another season of So You Think You Can Dance? How safe are the contestants in the Big Brother Canada house (a show I have 0 interest in)?

Meanwhile on the home front I’ve been taking my vitamins, listening to a different one of set of “All 9 Solfeggio Frequencies: Activate Qi Flow and Healing Energy With OM Mantra and Powerful Drums” each morning. Opted to use my morning walk time to do yard work Mon Tues & Wed – thus increasing my social isolation. The yard needed lots of work. In particular the rose of Sharon, which is a vigorous self-seeder. Cut off all the remain seed pods & starting pulling up the sprouts before I have a forest back there. Rhubarb sprouting, as are the various bleeding hearts, hostas, lilac, poppies, even wisteria has a few leaf nubs.

Taking in some Zoom meetings, even a zoom poetry slam. I wonder how soon there be a market for zoom back drops because I’m seeing parts of people homes I never expected to see. Zoom working out some privacy, security issues – suddenly password are needed & some meeting are including that password as part of their notification – which to me sort of makes a password irrelevant. 

Latest word on masks – wear them when social distancing is comprised by line-ups outside waiting to get in to shop, in transit. Cloth is okay for holding in virus but not for keeping it out. So I finally candid into my collection of stunning Diop bandanas 🙂 if I have to pull it up once to cover into the wash it goes when I get home. 

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– sweet, eh?

One thought on “Password: Isolation

  1. My daughter was working Big Brother Canada and they shut down production a few weeks ago. Glad you’re keeping well.

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