Picture Perfect 15

Picture Perfect 15


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“How much are they offering?” Linda asked as they went back to the shop.

“Nothing yet. They aren’t even negotiating.”

Dan followed Linda up to her office.

“Think of what it could do for the business?”

“You haven’t changed, have you.” Dan said.

“Is it my fault you don’t see the potential in things. You should have reeled her in for more of a commitment than buying you lunch. Information is money.”

“Like informing that Cuppa’s would be casing the joint on Queen St.! I called you.”

“I’m sorry that I haven’t had time to get back to you Dan. Anne’s accident took precedence over everything else.”

“You could have let me know something though.” Did he want to chew her out now over the Cuppa deception. “How much longer will Anne be at Sick Kids?”

“I dropped her at home before I came here. She’s fine but it did give us all a real scare.”


“Be grateful you’ll never have children to worry about. It’s hard enough running this business. I don’t know how I manage. There’s always something to be done here, you know.” she tapped the papers on her desk. “Making decisions all the time.”

“You might find this hard to understand Linda but you are not in charge. You can’t keep making decisions that you have no … authority to implement.”

“Authority! Just because you have the bigger share, which was my idea by the way, doesn’t mean you are the only one with ideas to improve things.”

“At least I keep things in the open. I don’t sneak around behind anyone’s back.”

“Since when,” she said. “Showing up with a boyfriend of two years and not letting anyone know till then?”

“Coming out is not a business decision. Cuppa’s is. Making sure I was here while they looked over the Queen Depot was … deceitful.”

“I knew you’d never them on the premises otherwise. I can imagine the look on our face when you found out.”

“Then imagine the look on their faces when I turn them down.”

“Don’t sweat it little brother. They found the Queen St. location interesting but not what they want. Doesn’t fir their upscale marketing needs.”

“Oh! You’ve had time to talk them and not to me.”

“They were impressed though. The crowd at Classic gave them pause for thought. So we’re now looking into the complex across the street.”

“The one with the school?”
“Exactly. There is retail space on the bottom floor ready for them to use. I figure those students don’t want to cross the street just for a cup of coffee.”

“What’s with this I … We?”

“You aren’t the only one with an exclusive agent contract. I’m a part of the Cuppa team now. Have been for a year now. I already have interest in two other locations. Soon to be three once they open in here. Not much you can do about that, right?”

Although both stores fell under the James Family Photographers umbrella each was incorporated independent of the other. The umbrella was jointly owned by himself, his sister and his mother with himself holding the biggest portion of it. At the Queen location his Daniel James Photo Service office was leased to him by James Family Photographers.

“That doesn’t excuse your tactics Linda.”

“Done is done. Looks like you have a good crowd for the Lyphend session.”

He went to the rail of the loft and looked down. There was about a dozen people gathered around the the area where he gave his presentations.

“Once Cuppa’s is here they’ll have places to sit.”

“And expensive coffee’s to drink.”


“Coffee those students won’t be able to afford.”

“EconoCuppa!” Linda laughed. “

Every other week he did a presentation on the Lyphend line. Occasionally he sold one or two of their lower range cameras but most often it was their combo wireless radio/mp3 players that sold. Sound quality that out did Bose, half the size and twice the price. 

“Good afternoon.” He opened the Lyphend display case and took out the travel mug and the leather loop used to attach it to a shoulder bag. He squeezed the handle and when the screen lit up on it there was a muttering in the people gathered around. He pulled the loop apart rolled it between his hands and it flattened out into rectangle which he placed the mug on. A keyboard appeared on the the rectangle. He typed on it “Welcome to the latest from Lyphend.”

He appeared on the small screen as well on the over-head screens in the shop. There was some applause.

“Lyphend had always been on the cutting edge of technology and practicality. It also takes suggestions by his customers seriously. The Traveller came from such a suggestion. Still very much a prototype. Dishwasher safe is the challenge.”

He looked over the handful of people. Teenage girls, some boys, a couple of men in business suits and what he figured was a father and daughter pair.

He went though his usual presentation. It started with a bit of Lyphend history, some of its innovations, the various lines of merchandise it offered. He demonstrated some of the smaller digital cameras. These were the ones that sold well because of their size and the image quality. He ended with one of the larger models. Today he selected the retro Newsman. It was a small copy of the 30’s newspaper reporter camera with a flash attached.

The flash was designed to replicate the old flash bulb in brightness and even had a sound chip to make the searing noise of the bulb going off.

“Who’s ready for their close up.” He asked pointing the camera at the teenage girls who quickly posed and giggled as he snapped several fast pictures.

“You really taking pictures?” Daughter with the father asked.

“Look?” he turned the view screen to her and flipped through the pictures he had just taken.

“That’s a very fast shutter speed.” the girl said. “Actually I know it doesn’t have a shutter per se.”

“Yes, that’s one of the features of most Lyphend’s. No delay while the chip captures the image. Plus no cables needed if you have the Lyli Pad.” He held the camera over a round pad by the lap top and the pictures automatically appeared on it.

“Cool.” she said. “But not good for protecting the image.”

“You merely have to change the settings so that you have to be asked before downloading anything off it.”

The girl looked to her Dad.

“It’s Ashley’s birthday.” Her Dad said. “She’s been watching His Girl Friday.”

“Rosalind Russell?” Dan asid.

“You betcha!” Ashley said sharply. “Daddy?”

“How much?” The Dad asked Dan.

Dan handed the Dad a card that had the price. “We can talk, if you are still interested, after I finish up here.”

The Dad ticked the card into an inside pocket of his top coat without looking at it.

Dan quickly wrapped up his presentation.

“Here are latest catalog’s for you.” He handed one to each of the people who stayed for the whole talk. “In North America you can only buy their line from us here. You can order on line but only for pick up here. David or Hamid would be happy to help you.”

Ashley and her father were still there. He fully expected the Dad to take one look at the price of the Newsman and move on or at least encourage her to look at one of the more reasonably priced cameras.

“Mr. James,” Ashely smiled. “I was wondering if this came in any other colour options?”

“Not that I know of. I doubt if they would entertain any other color options either. The original was black, with the silver moulding and lettering.”

“Ashley has a fondness for blood red.”

“Dried blood red to be precise. But I guess this black would do.” She held the camera up to her eye and took several quick pictures as she turned around on her heels. “Let’s see how these turn out.” She held the camera over the Lyli Pad. “Not bad.” she said as the pictures appeared on the monitor. “A bit of distortion. How hard is it to change the capture speed?”

“Simple enough.” Dan took the camera and pressed the view screen on the back for the functions menu to open. She leaned close to him to peer at the screen.

“Cool.” she said. “Daddy look.”

She stepped aside so her father could see what she had just seen.

Dan became aware of the man’s cologne, it had a smokey coconut undertone. The man put his hand causally on Dan’s forearm as he leaned in.

“Very nice.” the man said.

“Daddy! You are supposed to look at the camera not the salesman.” His daughter laughed. 

“I am Ashley.” she said to Danial. “This is my Dad.”

Her Dad stepped back, shrugged and pretended to smooth the lapel of his top coat. 

Dan couldn’t help but glance down and he saw the Dad was well packaged under the dark surge of his suit.

“You like?” Dad asked opening his light top coat and giving his hips a slight thrust that empathized his package even more. “Top coat is Boss, of course. The pants are from one of my Kiton’s. Custom fit.”

“I see.” Dan said. “You get asked often?”

“Often enough. Now about this price.” The Dad asked, glancing at the car Dan had given him earlier.

“Not negotiable I’m afraid.”

“I realize that. But what does the twenty-seven G include?”

“Registered limited edition. Life time warranty, for any owner. One full replacement should it be lost in say a fire.”


“Password protected so only the owner can use it. Plus GPS fibre chips.”

“Fibre chips?” Dad.

“Oh Daddy,” Ashley said. “You don’t know anything. It’s tiny chips embedded in such a way they can’t be removed without destroying it. Right?”

“Close enough.” Dan answered. “They have their own power source, too, so removing the camera battery won’t shut them down.”

“I should get some hair extensions made of those for you young lady.” Dad said.

“There’s also two private tutoring sessions with me if needed. But it sounds like Ashely is fairly knowledgable already.”

“But I’m not.” Dad smiled widely. “Jeremey Moxham.” He reached out and shook Dan’s hand.

“Ah yes.” Dan was even embarrassed that he had been when he was caught eye the man’s package.

“Good. Then we’ll take it.” He handed Dan a credit card. “You do take BriEx here?”

Dan stared at the black card. He’d heard of them before but had never expected to actually see one, let alone hold one.

“It’s as real as I am.”

“Yes, Mr. Moxham. I’m sure it is.”

As he rang in the sale he could see his sister watching from above along with Hamid. 

He walked the Moxham’s to the entrance of the store. There was a small crowd of adults and girls and boys gathered outside being held back by mall security. Some where eagerly taking cell pictures of Mr. Moxham. Ashley started taking pictures of the crowd with her Newsman. 

Two men in top coats strode over to meet them.

“This way, Mr. Moxham. The car is waiting.”

“Daddy!” Ashley was petulant. “I still want to go to Kelly.”

“I gave you a choice.” He said grinning at Dan. “Camera or dresses.”

“Oh for fuck’s sake.” The girl exploded.

“Ashley! Stop acting like your mother.” Moxham nodded to his security men and they went to the parking lot. The crowd dispersed.

Dan went back into the shop.

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