Stolen Moments

Stolen Moments

feel free to take offence

take all you want

particularly when it is not

my intention to give it


when I’m not aware of it

when I can’t even feel

you taking anything from me

strip it away

hoard all that offence

to yourself 

I won’t miss it 

once it’s gone

and you take it so eagerly

it must mean more to you

than it does to me

in fact

I won’t sully what you chose 

to take without asking 

by explaining

by putting it into any context

even by apologizing

for making it available for you to take

it was like a pie set to cool

you couldn’t resist a slice

but you can’t blame the pie

for being so desirable 

you felt compelled to take a piece of it

to eat all of it

until it made you sick

so if I make you sick

feel free

to take your leave
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