Not That Elephant

‘Give me individuality or give me death’ seems go be the slogan for a well-publicized segment of the population. How large is that segment? Large enough to have a decent press agent to see that their anti-mask agenda gets maximum coverage – while child poverty remains in the shadows. Or maybe it’s all a smoke-screen?

The anti-maskers, line-up with the anti-vaxxers line up with the anti-spellers. Sides are constantly being picked. There more energy that goes to picking sides, defending sides, denigrating the intelligence of those who don’t pick your side creates so much dust we can’t even see if we are standing up for anything or just groping in a thick cloud of a smoke-screen. Is the pandemic the real elephant in the room or merely the most obvious one to detract people from bigger social issues.

Is Covid19 a real disease? Or an excuse for draconian mind-control. How soon before not wearing a mask (except for medical exceptions with proof of said exception) becomes ‘reckless endangerment’ then upped to ‘assault with a deadly weapon’ – breathing will be criminalized. 

Don’t get me wrong – I wear my mask when required & without complaint – I see it as a fashion accessory (I have twenty or so already) as opposed to a part of a government conspiracy to perpetuate the invented pandemic. My need for individuality isn’t going to force me into a shouting match or fist-fight with some underpaid mall security personnel. 

But this masking is masking people’s addiction to injustice seeking & attention. I stopped following or seeking out the latest covid #s, restrictions, re-openings, conspiracies or prognostications. Life is about change and being pushed out my comfort zone is better than dying to stay in it.

Part of the Solution


I don’t come here to solve anything

or to go on about the environment 

what’s the point of telling you

what you already know


I’m not here to help your relationship 

some things are beyond human help 

I’m not looking for validation

to take away my loneliness

I have to live with that


I don’t come here to pick up chick 


or fashion tips

nothing will be solved by the right shoes

if it were that simple

we’d be dancing in the streets

in shiny new save-the-world sneakers


I don’t debate about what is right to do 

what political sides we should be on

what sports team is the one true team


I don’t have a clue 

what piece of pop trivia 

will tickle and delight

what book you need to read

what TV show will make a difference


we all wait to star in our own TV shows

our first major sale to a minor literary journal

our face on the cover of Italian Vogue


it’s not as if life is an equation

wherein x plus getting an Oscar

equals life is beautiful

besides life isn’t so bad


in fact it’s pretty good

when I don’t get trapped 

by this sense that it has to fixed

by anyone up here

I don’t come here to solve anything

but to experience the mystery with you 

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sweet, eh?

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