A Quiet Spot

A Quiet Spot


I sit at a table

a quiet patio section

in an empty cafe

one with no view

of the tv’s

each turned to different sport

football baseball basketball

all silent

cafe music non-intrusive



she was seated

at the table behind me

the back of her chair 

bumped mine as she sat


what was wrong 

with all the other empty tables

why this one

why jostle me


she sniffed

as if to say

it was my fault

she had to squeeze in

I pulled my chair 

a little closer to the table

my salad served


her cell burbles

she answers

a loud personal conversation

that I don’t need to hear

I take my salad

move to another table

as far from hers as possible


I can still hear her

‘some fucking asshole just

shoved my chair’


I ask the server

to turn up the volume

on all the tvs

All this is a true incident except for the last verse. It happened on a Washington DC restaurant’s patio. It was a standard 40 with humidex day & the patio shade was most welcome. I’d eaten at this cafe the summer previously. On my visits to Washington I rarely ate as the same place twice during the same trip but would got back to places from previous trips if I’d enjoy them enough.

This place was decent & close to my hotel. The menu hadn’t changed much either. Greek with a sprinkling of Italian. Nothing challenging to my palate 🙂 This was around 4 pm before the supper crowd would show up. All I wanted was that salad& to sit in the shade while I ate it. I usually avoid eating in places with too many TVs but for this short a time I was willing to read my kindle. 

If I sound unsympathetic to this patron I am. Actually it was her actions & this sense that I was invading her privacy by being there. Could be she always came in at this time, sat at that table. If it had been a man would I have been as impatient? Probably, but male species behaviour is more territorial, so I figure a guy would have staked out his own domaine.

Sure I realize the server may have directed her to this section so we’d be in the same area – not scattered over the patio; I realize I sound like one of those cranky old assholes who expects everything his own way but you know, even it’s true, I can live with that just don’t shout it out on your cellphone within my hearing 🙂

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