Picture Perfect 53

Picture Perfect 53

Dan pulled into the Waterside parking lot and it looked unusually empty. It took a moment for him to realize that the mobile war room was gone. As he got out of his rental he spotted Baxter waving to him from the motel’s breakfast diner.

Baxter opened the door for Dan to enter. 

“We’re about done here so I’ve sent the portable to Stellerton.”

“I thought we’d be here another day?” Dan said.

“Well we’ve been given a nudge to move along.” Warszawa said. “I’ve already been in touch with the Division Captain in Truro and he sound much more receptive to cooperation than the unit here. I’m not sure what you did to them, Baxter, but they are really pissed about something.”

“I didn’t do anything? Stephanie Carter made the initial contact with them when we filmed the initial cold case show last year. We didn’t even leave the studio to put that one together. Did we?” he asked Stephanie.

“No. I made a few phone calls to newspapers in the region, then the families. Everything was done that way. Electronically not face-to-face. We had a local crew shoot some location footage. I did talk to … ” she checked her pad  “… a Staff Sergeant McKillop from the subdivision here. He was more concerned with how I got their number than anything else.”

“So you showed up here last week without alerting them that you were coming?” Warszawa asked Baxter.

“Not my department. All the travel arrangements were made by Stephanie and Harold Carmichael. I have enough to do without that to deal with.”

“That might be part of their issue. I’ve looked at that initial broadcast. You don’t show the RCMP in a good light. They feel you ambushed them.”

“That’s a part of what the show is supposed to do.” Stephanie said. “We present facts and put them in a context. We can’t help it if that context throws a negative light on the investigators. We found all too often that many cases go cold because of something at that level. Evidence being tainted or lost. Focus on one suspect at the detriment of other avenues.”

“We had Dorothy O’Connor’s family to interview here.” Dan said.

“Still do but Mrs. O’Connor has been hospitalized. Heart.” Roberto explained. “So we decided to move on to the next stage. We will come back and hopefully she’ll be up to it by then.”

Roberto then ran through the next several days of their itinerary. “Our next major set up will be Stellerton. From here we’ll travel to the Nova Scotia interviews. After those we’ll head to Cape Breton for the the last of them. Once they’re in the can we’ll do the O’Connor interview. Any questions?”

Dan went to his cabin to pack. A job that took him less than ten minutes. He checked in with the Depot in Toronto. Next was Peter. 

Peter was only wearing a black jockstrap when he appeared on the screen.

“You like, sir?” Peter said stepping so his bulge filled the screen.

“What do you think?” Dan got hard instantly. 

“Perhaps you’d prefer this view.” He turned sideways to offer Dan a profile of the pouch. “Or this is more to Sir’s liking.” He turned again so his bare ass filled the screen.

“Don’t bend over.” Dan said. “I don’t have anything handy to clean my screen with.”

“Yes, sir.” 

Dan watched as Peter walked away from the screen. The close up of his ass making way for more of the room.

“Hope you didn’t mind.” Peter said facing the screen.

“I’m not complaining.” Dan said. “Now put some clothes on before I catch my death of frustration.”

“Yes, sir.” Peter pulled a hoodie over his head. “That better.”

“Better, no, less distracting, yes.”

Dan quickly went through the day’s events. Peter nodding or laughing every now and then. 

“Hippo Dogs!” Peter said. “Sounds … phallic. Was Chamberlain as mouth watering?”

“You know, I didn’t even give him a thought. There was enough in the Museum to occupy me. He certainly didn’t give off that vibe though.”

“He is a fine arts major.”

“How do you know?”

“Web site. You aren’t the only one who can do instant research you know. Face pic is okay. Long shots he’s overdressed and … they aren’t highdef so he pixilates if I zoom in for close ups.”

“Someone must be horny to be pixilating curator crotches.”

“Super horny.” Peter stood with his cock pushing its way out of his jock strap. “Staying at your place is cool but having all your things around me is frustrating. Your undies without you in them. Your bed without you in it.” He was massaging the underside of his cock with two fingers so Dan could see it. “Yes, that is my precum, sir.”

Dan moved his chair back from the desk and adjusted the laptop so that his cock was on screen. His eyes went from the smaller inset of what his camera was relaying to Peter, to the bigger view of Peter’s cock. 

“I’ve never watched myself jerk off on camera,” Dan said. The voyeur watching himself.  “Do you think porn stars jerk off watching themselves jerk off?” he asked Peter.

“I could google that for you, sir.” Peter gasped, his fist rapidly jerking his cock, his balls held in the cup of the jock strap.

“Show me your balls.” Dan said. He felt his own climax approaching.

“Yes, sir.” Peter shoved the jock lower to free his nuts. “Like that sir.”

Dan came. “Exactly like that.”

“Did you come, Sir?” Peter asked.

Dan licked sperm off the back of his hand. “Yes. Doesn’t taste as good as you, though.”

“As good as a Hippo Dog?” Peter laughed.

“Not as salty.” Dan grabbed a motel towel and wiped his hand on it. It wasn’t the sight of Peter’s balls that got him off, it was Peter’s obedience.

In the month after Sanjay moved out & Dan worked out the Quintix contract Peter had become more than just a diversion. Not quite a lover. Dan felt Peter was too young for a long term relationship, even though Peter was sure he was. 

“Anything to report?” Dan brought the call back to his purpose.

“Nothing, sir. Business is good at the Depot, according to Brenda that is. Maybe some changes at the Carafe though. Jill’s thinking of moving on.”

“What! Competition from a cross the street too much for her?”
“Actually quite the opposite. Business is doing too well for her. Thanks to that friend of yours she can’t keep up with the demand for the scones.”

“Friend of mine?”

“Moxham.” Peter said.

“Do I note a tone of attitude? He is just a friend you know. Not that that is any of your business.”

“Sorry, Sir. I know I agreed not to get …”

“Enough! If I want an emotional weather report from you I’ll ask for it!”

“Yes, sir.” Peter took a breath. “Mr. Moxham has come into the cafe regularly since you’ve been gone. He always brings someone with him – his millionaire clients, I guess. One loved the vanilla bean & oatmeal scones that his company has been ordering a large quantity every day.”

“That sounds like a good thing.”

“Jill figures she should go into full time baking. Which means no time to manage a cafe.”

“Hmm. Perhaps I could get Sanjay to take over.”

“What the fuck!” Peter exploded.

“Just kidding. Which is what I think Jill is doing too.”

“I’m not sure.”

“I’ll talk to her when I get back there next weekend. I better double check these schedule changes.”

“No, he didn’t ask about you.”


“Mr. Moxham. He was all about the scones.”

“Peter, enough.”

“Yes. sir.”

“I’ll call tomorrow. It’ll be a different room, thank God. Can’t imagine it being much worse than this one.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you.”

The screen went to blue. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

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