… by association

… by association

the owner of the cafe

had called someone

an inappropriate name

it was a twitter thing

of a video 

posted of the 

owner saying that offensive word


now no one can go

to the cafe

without being considered guilty

of saying those things themselves



to be honest

I haven’t heard

what the owner said

I haven’t watched the video

this is all the context I know

and now

I can’t go to that cafe

I can’t even mention the name

of the cafe

I can’t even admit 

that I’ve been there

in the past


I’d like to blame someone

for this

but I don’t know who


the reactionary people

the social context 

where every action we do

every word we say

attracts scrutiny

I live in a time


we are all guilty 

by association

Locations, retail establishments & maybe genders has been changed int rioting hit apiece so as not to cast shade – I read a version of this on a pre-pandemic open-stage (remember those?) & two different people approached me after to say they knew the situation I had written about – they each identified a different situation, neither of which was the one that sparked the piece.

That ordinary people say stupid things comes as no surprise to me but sometimes I think reactions are anger deflected from when people in power say stupid things & laugh off consequences as coming from haters (i.e Trump). We are powerless to get ‘even’ with his kind but that guy that runs the corner store is a more accessible target. Let’s take it out on them.

We can’t fire the president but we can get that waitress fired for saying something we disagree with that made us uncomfortable. That ordinary people say offensive things comes as no surprise to me but I do try to put it in context & try to put their ‘power’ in context as well. 

The irony is that we react to situation & people who take us uncomfortable & expect them to adjust to accommodate us but when we make someone uncomfortable we have no intention of adjusting to accommodate them. Then again I am an entitled, white, male so don’t really have a standing in any of this anyway, expect standing in line to get a coffee. 

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