Art on the Street – Toronto

I love coming cross art that has been discarded – paintings, prints, photographs, & even empty frames. Often I take a couple of shots, one of the entire pieces then some of portions, so some of these are paintings without their context.

shh – listen to the raindrops
who is this fake family that use in empty frames anyway
close up of thick yellow marbleization
fish in same painting as the wild yellow above
nice bit of 30’s modernity nailed to the Craven Rd. fence
yellow ski boots & print of a ladder(?)
skyline print partially rolled up with a bamboo curtain
I told you to leave those pictures on the motel wall

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One thought on “Art on the Street – Toronto

  1. I found one of my favourite photos beside a dumpster several years ago. It’s framed, black and white, the employees of a sock factory in Toronto in the 50’s. Standing in front of the factory, like an old school photo.

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