Bossy Bossy Boss Boss

Bossy Bossy Boss Boss

you aren’t the boss of me

no one is

doing what pleases me

pleases me

sure others can’t get away with it

but some of us

don’t have to be bothered

with what is required

so stop pointing out

what you consider to be the right way

this way is my way

so get out of my way


let those who have to obey


let those of us who are above

that sort of thing

do what ever we deem fit

and you can deal 

with the mess we leave behind

at least we’re leaving you something

This is a piece about entitlement period. There is no subtext. We live in a world in which consequences are for victims, not perpetrators. Usually the lives of victims are rarely put into a context that shines a favourable light on them, whereas perpetrators often come from troubled homes, or were good guys until they suddenly snapped thanks to something about the victim triggered them – colour, gender, class. Guilty victims innocent perpetrators.

The first line is one of those childhood retorts that we supposedly grow out of but many never do they nearly learn less petulant & more articulate ways of saying the same thing. My station of life, my bank account, my …. is above your so you don’t have the right to tell me anything. Or if you tell me I don’t have to listen or obey but if you don’t do as I say I can make you suffer consequences.

This sort of passive-aggressive behaviour often shows itself in people & their devices – having loud cellphone conversations in restaurants (remember dining in?) & glaring at anyone who glares at them. Just look at the continued spoiled-brat, you-aren’t-the-boss-of-me, behaviour of a recent President. Accountability is for those who don’t have $ to evade it.

‘The mess we leave behind’ often is so convoluted those that can’t clean it up get blamed for creating it or get ousted for trying & end up leaving their own mess. The world is still trying clear up the mess in the middle east. Religious factions continue to face off because each side is the blessed one. All that gets left behind is a bucket of rusty nails.

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