Ramblin’ McCoys and Oar-thers

Old New 4: Bobby Fuller Four: (out of El Paso) I Fought The Law (1966) beside the hit single this lp also includes the amazingly catchy Let Her Dance. This lp crackles with excellent mid60’s non-flower-power or Brit influenced songs. A one-hit wonder mainly because Bobby Fuller died under mysterious circumstances on July 18, 1966. His body was found beaten inside his car parked just outside of his Hollywood home.

Ramblin’ Jack Elliot: Takes The Floor (1958) includes: Mule Skinner Blues. Elliot is one of the original folkies along with Pete Seeger. Simple, politically aware folk/protest songs accompanied by guitar, pleasant voice & well, I needed some of this pre-Dylan history 🙂 According to Wiki he’s still alive!

The McCoys (Union City): Best Of – best remembered for Hang On Sloopy & Fever this band led by Rick Derringer produced a slew of excellent pop during the late 60’s. Bouncy fun almost bubble-gum pop Rick went on to a more ‘serious’ career recording extensively with blues giant Johnny Winter & late as part of Edgar Winter Band 

Shuggie Otis: a Californian he primarily known as a guitarist, also sings and plays a multitude of other instruments. Released in 1974 Inspiration Information – Otis plays everything except the strings & horns resulting in a psychedelic soul and folky introspection,& electronica. He recorded a few solid lps but his career never took off.

Skip Spence – Oar is a legendary lp by a musician who played with The Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver Messenger Service, & founded Moby Grape. Oar consists songs he penned during a 6-month stay at Bellevue Hospital. Moody folksy shoe-gazer forefather for the likes of Ed Sheeran.

Nancy Sinatra rode the wave of 60’s girl singers on her father’s fame & also on her own dogged determination. She picked great songs & worked with the right men. Some of her work transcends nostalgia some drowns in it. Her collaborations with Lee Hazelwood are timeless. Country My Way (1967) includes the classic Jackson. She has a pleasant enough voice & she’s sort of the Katy Perry of her time.

Joey Dee & The Starliters: out of New Jersey they may not have ‘invented’ the Twist – a dance craze that swept the world but they turned dance clubs into discos. Hey, Let’s Twist is a compilation of hits & singles including The Peppermint Twist. Exuberant early 60’s pop before the British invasion & garage bands took over the charts.


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One thought on “Ramblin’ McCoys and Oar-thers

  1. Always loved “Hang on Sloopy” and those guys were the proto-punks of the 60’s, the McCoys, the Kinks, the Troggs et al…

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