Oasis’s Wonderwall was unavoidable at one time & the lp What’s The Story, Morning Glory, one of the best selling albums of all time, became a must have so when HMV offered it a decent price I had to have it. Solid pop, well sung, beautifully engineered & produced, & nicely packaged. I enjoyed them but, to be honest, I didn’t think they were that special. 

A touch of the Beatles, a dash of Pink Floyd & good pr 🙂 Musical geniuses or well-packaged & marketed band of the moment? I’ve heard their work since then & never felt the need to own it. One lp was enough. 

Now a band I wanted more from was The Organ. Their only lp, Grab That Gun, with their Blondie sound, this is now a legendary release from this Canadian band that lasted too short a time. I think they had broken up by the time I picked up the cd. I guess leaving them wanting more is a good policy 🙂

I’m not a real fan of hiphop, rap, in English, but in Spanish it is a different story. A track by Orishas came up in my tumblr feed & I liked the energy, the classic Cuban jazz samples & downloaded their first lp ‘a lo cubano’ – I also have Emegrante & El Kilo. Their name refers to non-Christian spiritual/ritual beliefs & practices that I know a bit about so I was hoping for some ‘magical’ properties. The songs are politically charged, sometimes aggressive & their engineering is crisp. On doesn’t need to understand Spanish to enjoy their energía.

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