Food In Peace Out

Food In Peace Out

let me eat in peace

spare me the story

the videos

the tweets

of whatever war was going on

because there is always a war going on


don’t bother me

with exploitation narrative 

of the people who produced

this yummy food

in the face of wars


their own children

not eating

what I get to eat

no one needs to know all that

we just want to eat in peace


even if peace is impossible

because peace doesn’t equal profit

money is lost

economies stagnate

when there isn’t exploitation

of people

of land

or resources


let me eat in peace

keep the reality away from the table

the lack of nutritional content

is irrelevant

the suffering sacrifice of animals

makes meals even tastier

don’t you think

because we don’t want to think

we only want to eat in peace


An acquaintanceship ended several years ago over food. A small group of us were having lunch & I ordered a burger. The acquaintance asked if knew how harmful meat production was to the planet, how the animals suffered etc. The acquaintance had ordered a salad with something done to tofu. I asked if they knew how tofu was made, what was the ecological effect where it was grown etc. That part of the conversation ended & I enjoyed my hamburger.

Personally I have no objection to what people chose to eat but before they make their choice mandatory or somehow ethically superior to mine they should get their facts ready. I know little about the production of tofu but I suspect that in the long run it is no better environmentally than beef. It has to be grown, fertilized, converted, transported & prepared at a restaurant. 

Guilting me over my meal choice never works. I’m human, so get over it. It’s like trying to guilt trip people into masks or vaccines (both of which I fully support) is a wasted effort. If this acquaintance had pushed I would have asked what they were doing about their meat concerns? Where they financially supporting any anti-meat groups or was merely not eating it all they were willing to do. 

There is also a commercial profitability  undercurrent to much of what gets touted as being better for us. ‘Ethically sourced’ ‘gluten free’ ‘100% natural’ ‘no preservatives’ – all of which often cost more – making it clear only those who can afford higher prices can save the planet. ‘Ethically sourced’ becomes a way maintaining class differences & making it clear who is morally better.

This acquaintance unfriended me. Such is life. Pass me the all-natural Black Sea salt. 

Hey! Now you can give me $$$ to defray blog fees & enjoy a hamburger – sweet,eh? 

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