Look At Me

Look At Me

does this fit

does it look good on me

do I look sane in it

does it turn you on

do I look educated in this

does it suit the occasion

will it get me laid

can it open doors for me

will it need to be ironed

can I wear it in public

will it turn heads

does it make me look old

look desperate 

does it come in other colours

maybe a size larger

does it make up for my lack of style

do I have the guts to wear it

does it wear me

will it last longer than a glance

is it why you want me

am I anything without it

can it be replaced
can it replace me

excuse me 

while I slip into 

something a little less demanding

I loved ‘What Not To Wear’ & the stylists philosophical/psychological stance on the value of dressing in ways that enhance our self-esteem. But it is easy to mistake appearance for self & count on clothes take the place of the person. When I was featuring or doing an open stage I dressed as if I meant to be there & I know the power of the right shirt & the right pair of shoes. But also know the right shirt will not make a bad poem better.

This piece is a list poem – some items are our expectations of what we expect from appearance – how clothing can curate people’s perceptions of us. I’ve seen articles on power-suits, dress for success, jeans that will change your sex life. Yahoo is full of headlines like ’60 year old looks ultra glamorous in …’ ‘XX wears daring string thong to gala’ ‘Who are you wearing’ has taken the place of ‘How did it feel to be nominated’

An actor friend of mine said that they never really captured a character until they found the right shoes. I understood that. I also know people who dress defensively to deliberately put people off rather than inviting them in – one moaned about always attracting creeps but when suggested the way they dressed was doing exactly that I was told not to be so superficial.

I’ve always been amused how people who reject ‘lookism’ end up looking alike. Sometimes wearing clothes that say ‘don’t judge me by how I look’ & who judge others by how they look.I always wants that Taxi Driver scene: ‘are you looking at me’ to end up with DeNiro snarling ‘do these jeans make me look psychotic?’ 

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