Mae Being

Mae Being

the outrage

at her success

was matched by the publicity

the outrage

brought her success

how dare she

a woman

write like a man

use men

the way men used women

the obscenity 

of carnality on stage

was too much for the male

powers that be

when she wouldn’t back down

they shut her down

sent her to prison

sentenced her to becoming

the top box-office draw of the decade

despite being a woman

yet her success

didn’t silence her censors

it only made them more eager


to teach her a lesson

to be obedient

to shut her mouth

watch her words

or they would snip the words

so only the censors heard them

so she

took her money to the bank

& bid the public

good bye

One of the last plays I saw on stage was Mae West’s Sex at the Shaw Festival: Re-reading my review Make the production sound better than it was lol – it was ultimately disappointing in its lack of performance energy.

During the 70’s I was somewhat of a Mae West fan. I had poster of her – hands-on-hips, her sequinned, form-fitting dress glittering &, I think, a giant feather boa over her shoulders. A deliberate choice on my part to appear heterosexual. I read a couple of biographies, loved her double-entendres – Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just glad to see me? At the time I didn’t realize this was a tell-tale sign of being gay lol.

At the time I hadn’t actually seen any of her movies. TV fare in Cape Breton was quite limited & we rarely got such scintillating oldies. Clark Gable yes, MaeWest no. I didn’t see many of them until I picked up a box set of her films – which I enjoyed but time sure have changed. I didn’t see what the fuss was about. Yet even today being open about enjoying sex leads to judgmentalism. Pleasure being deemed as less authentic, less ethical than suffering.

Today I wonder if Mae was as sexual in her private life as her persona projects. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out she died a virgin, a very wealthy virgin

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