The Public Glare

The Public Glare

the woman

glared at me

as she sat opposite me

on the subway

as she glared

she tucked her skirt

tighter around her knees


I suppose

to prevent my glance

from burrowing

to catch glimpse

of the gates of heaven 

between her legs


if she hadn’t glared

I would have been oblivious

I wasn’t looking at her

but at the man

who stepped aside

to let her sit


the pillar of heaven

between his legs

was captivatingly

at both our eye levels

I looked down at my e.reader


every time I glanced up

to the pillar of heaven

her glare accused me

of invading her privacy 

I never go on public transit without something to read, not that I am addicted to reading but it gives my eyes something to look at beside the people around me. When its too crowded I try to focus on the shoulder of someone a few bodies from mine. I know enough about people shoes already 🙂 

Surrendering our person space is, for many, an uncomfortable sacrifice for transit. One way I try to respect that is by only seeing enough not to walk into or over people. But sometimes eyes catch. I look away before it becomes a challenge & that usually works, unless, as in this moment we end up facing each other. It did make me wonder why some people wear what they do – like the time a woman with major cleavage stood directly in front me – it was too crowed for several stops to actually get up & I would hav had to hold my e.reader at eye level to avoid the valley in front of me.

I am aware of how many men look at women – I’ve seen teenage girls pass some men on the street & the men’s eyes follow them, almost hopefully. Once when such groups passed each the men actually stopped after a few steps to turn around & watch the girls walking. Were the women aware of this? Did they care? It’s no wonder women often don’t feel safe in public.

I remember one time, I have piece about this somewhere, getting on the subway & the only other person getting on was a woman. I got off a toys top & she was getting off there, from a different exit door. It was if I was following her. Outside we were walking in the same direction, she glanced back nervously, & we were about to turn up the same street, so I opted not to turn & went half-a-block in the wrong direct before turning back to get to my house.

Rarely is there a ‘pillar’ though to sooth my troubled vision, lol. 

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