Psychic Dance

Psychic TV, an English experimental video art and music group, was influential in pioneering the acid house genre. They have released over one hundred full-length albums to date. Never heard of them? Well, neither had I until someone posted a one of their videos. The images were chaotic but the music had a good beat & you could dance to it 🙂

I have their Hacienda (1984), Peak Hour (1993). The music is interesting & arty & at times danceable. Musique concrète is the basis of their sonic experimentalism & it often works, some track are aimless repetitions, some shouted, some live & although there is a decade between these releases to flow seamlessly into each other. Fun stuff to stretch musical horizons.

On this mp3 compilation I added Evo Mix (2013) – dance tracks by Dschinghis Khan, C.C Catch & Mafikizolo – world music with a definite Slavic flavour. I saw a video by Dschinghis Khan & loved it & wasn’t disappointed by this too-short collection.

Keeping with that house music feel I found We Love Berlin 8.1 (2013) an 3.5 hour compilation by various artists, or is it remixers & DJ’s? This is ideal typing music that can keep the fingers moving to beat. Consistently uptempo this is great & cheerful electrodance. One of the groups I really liked on it was Jeans Team so I picked up their  Das ist Alkomerz (2013) – Berlin-based electronic music group with a sweet sound.

Finally a standalone a May 2001 compilation by the British magazine Q: Essential Dance – featuring The Stereo MCs, Moby, Fat Boy Slim & more. These were cds exclusive to Q & made great samplers of underground sound though nearly every band on this cd became above ground big hitters. Some are still around today. Odd how music from 2000 is now considered retro. 

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