Picture Perfect 124 

Picture Perfect 124

“What the fuck.” Dan checked flights on his cell and there was one in an hour but unless he could teleport he couldn’t get to the airport in time. 

“Peter.” He took the steps two at a time. 

“I’m ready, sir.”

“Something important’s come up. I have to get to the east coast asap. There’s a flight in an hour that if I rush I can get to. Pack a few things for me while I get a seat.”

As he was booking a seat there was a notification that the flight would be delayed by up to an hour. If he hurried he might make it in time.

“Can you get two?” Peter said. “Don’t look at me like that, sir. I don’t have to work tomorrow. It’s my day off.”

“You sure you want to be a part of this … adventure?” Sanjay had rarely shown any interest in Dan’s life out side their house.

“Of course. After the all excitement last time I want more. Maybe you’ll find the Oak Island treasure.”

“Adrenaline junkie.” Dan got two seats and texted for a cab. “Done.”

He sent a reply text to Corporal Coster explain the flight delay. 

“Then do up your fly. sir, and we’re out of here.”

The taxi arrived as Dan set the house security lock. He promised the driver an extra fifty if he could get them to the airport within thirty minutes. They got to the flight gate just as the flight was being called.

“Not how we expected to spend the night.” Dan said. “What really possessed you to want to come.”

“You were so impulsive when we got in the house I figured I’d show you I can be impulsive too. Dan James I love you.” He kissed Dan and wouldn’t let him pull away,

“Gentlemen,” a steward interrupted them. “Please fasten your seat belts.”

“Now, what’s the big rush?” Peter asked as the plane took off.

“They found Winston Chamberlain’s body. Constable Coster said there was evidence about the missing children I had to see. And that it couldn’t wait until morning.”

“It’s like being in a movie. Do you think there’ll be  car chase? I’ve always dreamed of being in a car chase.”

“You know, I did too, when I was in high-school. Seeing those Bond movies, I would wonder if gay spies existed. Wouldn’t that be wild. Every man he meets going weak in the knees to please him like every woman in every spy movie did for the dangerous spy. Even the lesbians wanted him.”

“Did you always want to be a photographer? When you were growing up.” Peter asked.

“If you mean, did I long to take pictures of weddings, the answer is no. I knew I was going be doing something with cameras. They fascinated me. The mechanics. I fantasized about discovering a new way of developing film so that you could relive it when you looked at it.”

“Like high-def amateur porn, you mean?” Peter said.

“I suppose. Sure why not, if it weren’t for online porn there be no internet shopping. Besides being an amateur porn star, what sort of dreams did you have as a kid”

“Same one I still have. Writing a novel.”

“I’ve heard your stuff at the Carafe salons. You can do it.”

“Thanks. I did that short-story workshop and it was sort of discouraging.”

“Not everyone is going to like what you write.”

“No, it was nothing like that but the prof & even the guest writers he brought in, made it sound like I’d have to become a promo agent as well as a writer. Or for a reasonable fee they would become my promo agent.”

“I see what you mean. But you haven’t stopped writing.”

“No! What do you think I don when you aren’t here? Watch TV sniffing your undies.” Peter laughed. 

“I guess not but I’ll kick your ass if you stop writing.”

“Really! There’s other things I’d rather you do to my ass.” Peter squeezed Dan’s thigh.

“Careful now or the steward will come over again.”

“Let him.” Peter giggled “To be honest that’s one of the reasons I came along.”

“So we could finish what we started?”

“That’s right. I couldn’t resist a thousand kilometre fuck. You did reserve a hotel?”

“Oh shit! I didn’t. I have to make sure there’s a rental too.” Dan texted the Waterside & one of the Quintex cabins was available.

“Cool.” Peter said. “This is the sort of excitement that inspires me, you know. Life actually happening as opposed to thinking of tender words to expose deeply wounded past events.”

“Ah.” Dan nodded.

“You know this is one of the few times we’ve just talked, with you on the go so much & both of us so horned up when we we do get together.”

“I know. I know. I keep waiting for things to calm down so we can spend quiet time together. We will, I promise.”

“You sure, sir?”

“Yes. I’ll need a vacation once all this wrapped. If they want another season I’ll demand a break.”

It was raining when the plane landed. 

“I should have brought an umbrella.” Peter said as they got into the rental.

“Here’s the plan.” Dan said. “We’ll go directly to the Hippo museum.”


“That’s were Coster said they found the body. You drop me off and go to the motel. I texted you the reservation information. If they give you any trouble text me. When you get the room text me.”

“I thought you’d take me with you?”

“To a crime scene? There’s be enough going on without adding an audience – no matter how adoring – to the mix .”

Dan pulled into the parking lot. It was dark except for a pool of light at the entrance. He could see some car hoods.

“I guess they’ve taken the body. No ambulance.” He got out of the car. “I’ll let you know how long when I know how long.”

“How’ll you get back?”

“Coster or one of the team will drive me back.”

He waved as Peter drove away. He pulled his jacket hood up and ran to the museum door. As neared it he realized he had left his shoulder bag in the car. His cell was in it. There should be one here he could use.

The doors were locked. 


He rattled the door & peered through the window see see if her could catch someone’s attention. There was some light deeper in the museum. He stepped inot the rain to see if there was any lights on the second floor. Was he too late?

Something enveloped his head.

“Just breathe.” A voice rasped.

He lost consciousness.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

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