Rainbow Riots

At one time I was buying British music magazines, one of which Q Magazine. Each edition had sampler cd. One edition had this Essential Dance 2001 which includes the likes of New Order, Underworld etc. A fine set of techno-electro-disco. Not available in stores lol.

Now I have a confession to make – there are thing sin my collection that I remember downloading but forget that I have in may collection. This mp3 cd is one of those 🙂 Filed under R for Rainbow Riots.

Rainbow Riots is an international organization and artist collective working for LGBTQ equality and rights. It was founded by Swedish artist and activist Petter Wallenberg. In 2017, the organization released this album of original music, composed and produced by Wallenberg, featuring queer singers from Uganda, South Africa, Malawi and Jamaica – some of the most dangerous countries in the world to be gay. There are some great videos on YouTube from this collection – all with a lgbtqia political slant. Well worth tracking down.

The Parallax Corporation: Cocadisco (2002) floor-oriented techno-electro-disco by Dutch dj I/F. Nancy Fortune: Crystallised (2009) France – she appears on The Parallax Corporation set.  Aïsha Devi: DNA Feelings (2008) reframes electronic music as a mode of spiritual searching – Swiss. Superfruit: Future Friends (2017) USA. Radio friendly summer pop. KAYTRANADA: 99.9% (2016) Hatian-Canadian dj Dance/Electronica. Future Beat Alliance: Collected Works: 1996 – 2017 England Dance/Electronica Deep House.

These techno-electro-disco tracks flow into each other so with my eyes closed, played on random, I probably couldn’t tell you who I was listening to. Aïsha Devi is slow & almost classical in her approach so it is more like techno-electro-modern dance with plaintive eternal vocals. Riots & KAYTRANADA has more of a world beat flavour while Superfruit is more pop oriented. If you are fan of techno-electro all or any of these are worth adding to your collection. Check Ebay for Essential Dance 2001 lol.

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