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One of the FB groups I joined is a Wiccan group that posts information on each of the full moons & the various solstice rituals. One of the members offers a simple kit for each sabbat to performing one’s own ritual. With my strongly Welsh heritage I was drawn to see how this sort of philosophy would fit into my recovery spiritual path.

wicker not wicca

When I lived on the east coast I toyed with some of this without really becoming invested in anything beyond reading. It was more interesting to have Aleister Crowley’s books that it was to really read them. Over the years I ‘dabbled’ in various new age things like crystals, native teachings etc. Of course to know when Mercury is retrograde is always a good.

So I ordered one of the solstice kits, which does much of the work for me as it had a candle, incense cone, essential oil, herbs, crystal & booklet with incantations & affirmations. Each solstice/equinox kit is limited edition. I like the simplicity of it.

ghost leaf

For Christmas I bought the Llewellyn calendar, datebook & almanac to add to my research. I discovered buried in my books two earlier Llewellyn almanacs that had been Yule gifts for 1993, 1998. I’ve also added their Sabbat Essentials – a series of 8 beautiful books each one devoted a specific sabbath. Excellently written & easy to read. Highly recommended if you are interested in exploring the Wheel of the Year. Though if you find gendered spirituality difficult these will present a challenge.

shine a light

My own approach remains simple. I now have a greater awareness of the both the full & new moons. My observances are ‘rustic’ as opposed to complex rituals. Intentionality is more vital than having the right colour candle, or getting out a compass & protractor to make sure everything is laid out on the exact spot.

Some of this fits into my spiritual path but much like theories of recovery I take what I like & leave the rest – leave, not discard, as you never know when it will illuminate the next phase of the moon.

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