The Sound of Awen

As I learn more about Wicca I’m a bit disappointed that there are no mentions of music. Some of the ceremonies involve chanting but it seems the actual ‘melody’ is up to you. I’m a great believer in music setting a mood, beta beats that are sonically engineered for mediation. But none of what I read indicates anything – not even the motion of a hand drum (whew). It appears solitary practice is also to be silent?

I have done some research & search into music that has been created for the various solstices & equinox. Much of which is new age mournful recorder or aimless harp, or both. As much as I may like that Celtic sound I wanted something more specific.

So I have created some playlists of my own based on music already in my collection & added some things sourced from iTunes & Bandcamp. Searching things out was fun & results improved as I refined my search terms. Be warned ‘wicca music’ leads to a lot of heavy metal bands, whereas ‘wicca meditation’ results are better 🙂 also try Druid mediations & see where that leads you.

Out of my personal collection I pulled out some obvious choices – Wendy Carlos’s Sonic Seasonings – each suite is devoted to a season – soothing. Of course, Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons. Debussy offers ideal impressionistic moods. Moonlight Sonata is great for tuning into the new moon. Alan Stivell’s Ys, from 1972, is a great starter & is the template for nearly all new age music with its sound of waves & harp. A couple of pieces I’d recommend are Awen by The Mind Orchestra; Wisdom of the Druids by Spiritual Awakening. 

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