Red Hot Revolting

Let’s face it the Red Hot Chilli Peppers made the most of their mix of their punk-funk, grunge, gender fuck & artfully tattooed look – which they back up with some great songs, dynamic musicianship & genre mashups. I have stand-alone cds Blood Sugar Sex Magic, & what hits. They come across as an updated version if Iggy Pop & the Stooges – what I’ve seen of them in ‘real’ life is consistent with their album image.

There are high energy covers of Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix along with original songs that are either festishy sex “Catholic Girls” or romantic & slightly sappy “Under The Bridge.” As much as I enjoy them & appreciate their political/sexual stances, these two cds were enough for me.

I remember first hearing the Revolting Cocks’s cover of Do Ya Think I’m Sexy at a smokey humid gay bar summer of 1993 in Montreal. It was fun, sort of comic & compelling dance music. The song itself is campy but the Cock’s version is sweaty, grinding sex challenge not the sassy brag that Rod Stewart gives it. I loved it & started a hunt to find out who did it. This was in the days before google & iTunes.

So when went to one of the local record stores there & started to asked, as best I could, in my limited French. I only had to mention the name of the song & the clerk knew exactly what I was looking for. They didn’t have the single in stock but did give me the name of the band. The Revolting Cocks. A name I didn’t have to write down.

Back in Toronto I tracked down the cd ‘Linger Fickin’ Good (1993). Turned out the Cocks are not a dance band but an American-Belgian industrial rock band! In the mold of Kill Dozer but not as metal. The cd is amazing with powerful samples, driving numbers & psychological depth. Gila Copter – wow. Great adult music but not for everyone

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