Not Bewitched

Took in an event called Witches Night Market at a space in the DundasW/Bathurst area. A friend & I got there around 2:30 in the afternoon & there was already a line-up. It was a walk up a flight of narrow stairs – clearly accessibility was not a concern for the organizers. The space itself was so crammed with vendors even mobile people had issues getting around. Stopping to look was nearly impossible as it made the narrow space impassable.

The crystals, stones, jewelry were generically indistinguishable from one vendor to the next – ooh look rose quartz pendants! My friend, with experience as a vendor at craft fairs, said most of the stones looked like bulk purchases & doubted that much of the so similar jewellery was vendor made. 

I had planned to take photos but nothing caught my eye to bother taking out my camera. The impatient shoppers made it impossible to stop long enough to take photos anyway. I did see log-sized slabs of selenite! I hope their energy was enough to protect us masked people from the large number of unmasked people milling around. 

The word ‘witch’ created a false expectation of something more Wiccan or pagan but this was neither. It was a mild disappointment with tables of candle, crystal & gem sellers, a few card readers but nothing witchy. With Mabon approaching I had hoped for some things related to that but this was clearly a money grab not a spiritual opportunity. In the end I was dismayed not bewitched.

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