Renwick Hermann Hair

I’ve shared the stage many times with Arthur Renwick at shows like the long-gone Cryptic Chatter. He is an amazing guitarist, singer-songwriter with a fine blues sensibility. This is a great cd of a live 2006 performance at the Renaissance Cafe. Infectious energy & a fine souvenir of days gone by. He can be found on SoundCloud.

On an mp3 cd compilation filed under ‘R’ for  Resistance Radio are soundtracks & show tunes. It starts with the Fantasy Film World of Bernard Hermann. This a great Hermann conducted set of suites from his soundtracks for movies such as Journey To The Centre of the Earth, The Day The Earth Stood Still.

I had the lp of the original Hair Off Broadway (1967) & loved it but my friends resisted its charm thanks to hits made of some of the songs by The Cowsills, The 5th Dimension & Harper Bazaar – they deemed it a bubblegum sell out. I had an lps to cd of it & when I found it re-released combined with the On Broadway (1969) cast lp I had to have it. Some songs are repeat but some in the off-Broadway were dropped & others put in. Elsewhere I do have the okay1978 film soundtrack & the more recent (2005) excellent Actors Fund of America Benefit Recording

Until The End Of The World a 1991 Wim Wenders film, tracks by the likes of Talking Heads, Depeche Mode, Lou Reed. I have very vague memories of seeing this film & thinking it was going on too long but the music was brilliant & some of these songs were, at that time, only available on the soundtrack.

Resistance Radio: The Man in the High Castle – TV series alt-history in which German wins the war so the radio plays hits of those times but as all cover versions such as Can’t Help Falling in Love by Beck. I haven’t see this series not have I red the novel but the concept of an alternative history that includes songs we know done by different people is great. I bought this for these excellent cover versions.

If you are Pink Floyd fan the group Blue Moon is for you. I have Matrix Spheres that is extended instrumentals that could be seamlessly dropped into any Floyd album.

I’ve seen Finnish actor Matti Pellonpää in several movies. An intense actor with great comic timing. TCM ran Boheemi elää/Bohemian Eyes: a 2011 documentary about his life Boheemi elää/Bohemian Eyes directed by Janne Kuusi. The soundtrack was evocative with some sublime musical saw & some tracks by his band. As a lover of obscurity I checked to see if this soundtrack was available & it was & it is wonderful.

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