the problem was size

the cup was too small

I want a mug

not a wine glass

not a shot glass

I want a bucket with handle


I don’t care 

about to sophistication

of the right stem wear

the right cut crystal glass

old fashioned




who needs the drink to breathe

when I’ll guzzle it

in one or two gulps anyway

who wants to keep going back 

to refill that teensy 

little glass


why should the stein 

be reserved for lager

give me a mug

that holds a quart

don’t bother with ice

pour the drink in first

then if there’s room add mix


what the hell

don’t waste time on a glass

or ice

drink the way nature intended

straight from the bottle

My favorite tea mugs hold about 20 oz – they are more like teapots without spouts but with handles – I have a couple of travel mugs that size too. I do have smaller but only for guests – they get the more civilized sizes. I keep my eyes open for mugs this size  & can judge just by looking – I know the difference between 20 oz & 16 oz mugs.


When I was a drunk size mattered then too. I recall once spotting some large glasses in a shop window & bought a pair of them. They proved to be bigger than a schooner – a pub glass that usually held 32 oz. I would mix my drinks in advance so I didn’t have to keep freshening my ‘cocktail.’ I broke one of them & went into the store to buy a replacement & it turns out they were actually vases.

I did know guys who were very into the right glass for the right drink from shot glasses, old fashioned – they would never have a martini in a wine glass or brandy in a flute – they would never serve whisky in a highball glass. Then there are those who like the cut-glass variety – best thing about them is that the glass wouldn’t slip out of your hand thanks to the bevelling.

Much like wine connoisseurs I felt worrying about your stem wear was pretentious rationalization to make getting drunk seem less like getting drunk. Regardless of what’s poured into them, spilled out of them, shown into someone’s face, or passing out with one in your hand, they still had to washed like any other dirty dirty glass.

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