November 2022 Recap

The WP map does show my hits have come from  28  countries around the world. Mauritius in the third  spot! Ukraine in the top ten! Russia at the bottom – I guess the Ukraine  invasion is distracting my fan base there. Most popular post was Spiritual Shreds, my personal favourite was Music of Masculinity

Finished The Crown Season 4 & the series has moved deeper into fiction with this unhappy fantasy about the lives of the Royals. Performances are excellent, though Gillian Anderson’s Thatcher often gets upstaged by her various wigs. The show is clearly not a documentary though occasionally it sticks to historical fact, if not timelines, & has no hesitation in fabricating drama. As they say – never let the truth stand in the way of telling a good story. For me, there wasn’t enough of Princess Margaret or Princess Anne – both of whom show more personality than the rest of the cast. 

friendly neighbours

Watched a great Italian film ‘The Trick in The Sheet’ set in 1905 as movies being shown for the first time in a small Italian village (that seems to get larger & larger as the film progresses). With the lead character named Frederico & a plot of nostalgic memory, it is clearly a tribute to Fellini & Amarcord. I love movies with parallel plots – in this one our hero directs a movie based on Susanna & The Elders – a Biblical story where elders spy on Susanna as she bathes in the river – our hero secretly films a woman bathing in the river for his movie. An amazing exploration of the power of film to replace reality. (

Watched The Boys in the Band (1970) which I have seen before decades ago, as well as a stage production at some point. All I remembered was the constant insulting, posturing, drinking & wondering where I might fit into this world. Although I had empathy for some the characters at the end I was left wondering why any of them put up with the lead character’s irrational, manipulative behaviour. At one time he shouts at one of the others ‘don’t you dare leave’ – what was going to do if they did? I was glad to have seen it again. The follow up on my ‘watch list’ was the 1934 Cleopatra – a queen with real power.

Read the novella Soft Places by Betty Rocksteady. It is an interesting mutation of graphic & prose novels. The story moves between two worlds – our main character’s ‘real’ life & an ‘alternate’ reality. The real is prose, the alternate is illustrated & each move the story forward. The illustrations are in a Bushmiller/ Betty Boop style. In the end you may not be sure which is ‘real.’ Trauma is the real world is visceral & slightly queasy. Available form Amazon, Indigo & any independent books store.

Now for the mad rush to the new year.

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