you are as I found you

yes I know

that merely looking

will change everything

my glance

affects the quantum structure

we both actually see

the same thing differently

we taste the same thing


we hear the same thing 



you are as I found you

you change at my glance

before you arrived

you were aware of my look

you knew my taste

now when we meet

you transform 

from worker to an object of desire

we become

without doing anything

different people

when we are together

we alter quantum structures

while remaining

intact separate connected

complete when apart

fulfilled when together

I watched a Nova documentary on quantum physics, not that I actually understood it that much but found the fact that some nano particles change when looked at fascinating. Much like people on ‘reality’ shows the camera changes their personality & they become performers not real people.

There are tribes of people who shun having their picture taken, or even likenesses drawn for fear their souls will be lost. Let’s face some people would sell their soul for their photos to go viral, so those tribes were on to something. It sometimes seems that Americans will do anything, literally, to get on TV or to have their social media go viral. Have you ever seen Big Brother? 

This piece isn’t about reality TV but about how our personalities change for each other. Nearly everyone has public & private faces, even if we think we are the same all the time. Not that any face is fake, or false, but appropriate to a given situation. For me, merely anticipating seeing someone can change my mood. I like to be able to watching them crossing the street to my house.

I also wanted to create a romantic piece that more abstract that fleshy. Something about how sexual attraction is a lens, like a nano-microscope, that allows us to see another person in a way they may not even see themselves. 

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