Roxy Music

I have as stand alone or as part of mp3 collection by Roxy Music -1st (1972), For Your Pleasure (1973), Stranded (1973), Country Life (1974), Siren (1975), Manifesto (1979), Flesh & Blood, (1980) Avalon (1982). I was a fan before they hit it big with Siren, though I found some of songs on the first lps a bit dull & self-indulgent in that art-school way. 

With pop dominated by groups like Led Zeppelin, Grand Funk Railway or The Carpenters, Roxy Music was clearly different – romantic without being overly-sweet. The new romanic sound – i.e. Spandau Ballet – started with Roxy Music. They paved the way for emo.

‘You’re talking in headlines, up to the murder of three’ is a favourite Roxy line. It’s hard to pick a favourite lp. Siren has the most memorable pop songs, the earlier ones are fine but Siren is amazing. The lp was given to me a Xmas gift back in 1975. My favourite lp could be Manifesto – released in 1979 the year I move to Toronto it is, in some ways, the sound of the start of my new life. It & Siren are good lps to start your Roxy collection.

Bryan Ferry felt confined by Roxy Music & developed a solo career: These Foolish Things (1973), Another Time, Another Place (1974), Boys and Girls (1985), Bete Noire (1987), Ultimate Collection (1988),  Dylanesque (2007), Avonmore (2014). He wanted to record work by other writers & what a great mix of songs – It’s My Party, Walk A Mile in These Shoes – unpredictable & sweet. All with a sense of humour & even reverence for the originals. Dylanesque is interesting & pleasant but too respectful for my taste.

Rounding things out are a couple of other neo-romantic bands of the time: Cabaret Voltaire: Micro-Phonies (1984); Ultravox: Quartet (Deluxe) (1982). Delightful, moody, melodic, progressive alternative pop that has aged well & could be released new tomorrow.

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