Right Questions

Right Questions

what makes you think

I am hiding something

I don’t claim to be transparent

or that I am withholding

something of importance


I’m not lying to you

so what makes you think

I’m hiding something

is it because 

you are hiding something


are you under the impression

that total honesty is authentic

that the truth

isn’t covering up something else

that I don’t have a right 

to privacy 

when I don’t tell you everything


what you don’t know

isn’t hidden

you just have to ask

the right questions 

and hope

I’m willing to answer them

I’m half-way a great book “Blood & Mistletoe” – a history of Druids in Britain – it tracks how the public viewed Druidism over the decades – going back to the few original historical references to them recorded by the Romans. Over the centuries those references have been extrapolated to such a degree no one really know if Druids even existed. What is the truth here? The book is fascinating.

Truth is what? What you want to hear or the facts? Politicians seems to believe the spin is more important than the facts. Is saving the ecology more important than saving the economy? They often even deny what they have been recorded saying. That’s what I meant becomes easier that transparency. Even when we see through them the truth becomes irrelevant to them. Or we are the ones who have filed to understand.

Understanding is often coloured by what people read into the truth – their lens can be unpredictable. Telling someone who asks what you think about, say, what they are wearing, becomes a trap – if you don’t like it you clearly don’t like them; if you say you do like it, you might be inviting a sexual harassment suit. 

In American politics it seems that some of them are in it for attention – spouting options that are designed to get them attention – they don’t present reasoned, researched intentions to better the economy or the ecology but to to what … I’m not sure … retrain their grip on power? Does same sex marriage cause child poverty? Oh right, the Bible says, ‘sufferer the little children’ so child poverty is the righteous choice.

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