Thoughts and Prayers

Thoughts and Prayers

how ill does one have to be

to deserve healing prayers

I don’t mean those blanket

‘thoughts & prayers are with you’

but more specific ones

where names mentioned

conditions identified

not prayers for healing either

but for the strength to survive

for gentleness


no one knows

what will work

what will kill

what the cost might be

when quality of life

is a balancing act

what do we sacrifice 

hopes, prayers or opportunity

for change


is it worth it

do I want to be a brain

without a body

do I want to transcend the body

to live on memory

to distance from touch

so I can … what …

yes I want to be healed

even though I am well

unless age is a disease

the same way language is a virus

is being human 

the issue

is immortality the cure

not thoughts & prayers

I am tried of the standard response of different levels of government, of people who get media attention for their utterances regardless of their relationship to the issue – like who really cares what a Kardashian thinks of the earthquake in ….. It’s not as if anyone is going to say – ‘they deserved it.’ 

I don’t know what the ‘solution’ for mass murders in the USA is, but it’s clear that ‘thoughts & prayers’ isn’t the way to go. Neither is making teachers & students take gun handling classes. Here in Toronto After a recent rash of assaults here in Toronto I’m waiting for H&M to start marketing kevlar lined sports wear for taking public transit or just walking home after a movie. Thoughts & prayers aren’t going to protect me & aren’t going to pay my hospital bills after the fact. Actually here in Ontario those would be covered already. But in the USA, if you are not properly insured, the victim pays for treatment. Stabbed in the street during a robbery = $100,000.00 for treatment. Hospitals will not accept your thoughts & prayers as payment. 

Some people are suffering for attention- literally. Not to diminish anyone’s pain or trauma but often we get so mired in it there are often conversations, relationships, built on comparing the degree of our hurts. At a recent gathering at least three people spent most of time comparing their experiences in hospitals. Almost competing to see whose was the worst/best.

‘How’s the weather? Let me tell you this damp makes my hips ache so I can hardly walk.’ 

It’s not that I am different to the war on the Ukraine, to the poaching of endangered animal species but I am numbed by the fact that there is no sense of change. Change would cost the wrong people profits – but they can afford a press agent to write a release about their thoughts & prayers. Imagine what Musk’s $300 billion loss could do that those thoughts & prayers can’t. I don’t really care, I’m only blogging this for likes & reposts.

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