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Friday March 24, 2023

During Friday I was given medication at regular intervals – blood thinners etc. Blood pressure checks & finger-tip blood sugar tests evert two hours, then every four hours. As far I could tell BP wasn’t dropping that fast.  I also got the standard no salt meals – one of my new dietary restrictions is no salt, which is easy enough, I guess. The hospital food itself was roughage more than anything else. 

My partner visited around noon with change of undies & socks & one of my laptops. I didn’t expect to be kept overnight in the first place, or did I – I had packed my kindle & phone recharger – ? Wifi a was okay, for my purposes. A little slow but I only wanted to check email & post a pic on Facebook of me suffering. lol

More of that walking around. Was allowed take cell photos of the views from the windows in this area of the hospital. Around 2 the ward doctor’s rounds took her to my room. She was alarmed that I no longer had a family doctor & hadn’t seen one for at least 10 years. There was no in depth discussion beyond meds when I would be released. No time for that was mentioned 😦

She said I was lucky not to have had a major stroke with my bp so high when I came in the night before. That initial reading was, I think, 214/100 – enough to kill! So I had dodged a bullet without even knowing I was being shot at. Turns out the culprit was cholesterol. I have to admit that I did switch from low-fast tasteless cheese to yummy old & even extra old. 

view from my hospital room

I slept some in the afternoon. With no real distractions sleep seemed  good option. Did some writing & checking Fb & my email. The hospital wifi has built in blockers for certain types of sites. Volunteers came around with hospital pamphlets that explained thing like meal times etc. (How much of the donated money they ask for goes to creating these?)

It was okay to spend a day or two with little of my usual distractions i.e. TV, checking internet, preparing meals, & letting my brain shut down somewhat. evening during shift did the routine BP & meds routine work. Nurse told me that I was asleep at the midnight check point it would be skipped. Fine by me. So in dramatic change I went to bed at 9:30 & dropped off quickly.

to be continued 🙂

All the scenic pictures were taken on my flip-phone camera. Each from a different picture window on the wing of the 7th floor I was on.

Hey! You can give me $$$ to defray cost of medications sweet, eh?

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