pull up a chair


Part of the early, for me, to bed, was to make up for losing sleep the previous night. I slept rather soundly, up once for peeing & for real around my usual time 5 a.m. BP taken, meds given. BP seemed to be lowering somewhat but who knows how much is now caused by being in the hospital? Studies have been done but I don’t need to know. I was trusting the nurses to be competent enough to know what was best.

storm moving in

I stuck to some of my usual morning routines, walking, wo, echeck & morning pages. The day quickly became quite stormy: heavy rains, windy. very dramatic views from the seventh floor. Breakfast served. As I ate I realized next time I would order a larger portion of all things as this was a minimalist meal of scrambled eggs & toast. I mixed the juice in with my glass of water.

Asked the nurse about using my private shower. No problem, all I needed was towels & a change of hospital gown, which she would bring once her other duties were done. Let’s face it, I was in no hurry to get anywhere. Called home with no news but a request for another change of socks, undies & to bring the other laptop, which my partner had found on the side of the study where I usually use it. He would drop by around noon once again.

Around 8 did a couple of circuits of the ward & met up with ‘my’ Dr who asked if felt ready to leave. I said ‘sure’. She felt the ‘urgent’ need had passed so started the discharge process. Fine by me. Finished that circuit & back to my room to let my partner know this latest news. Packed up my few things. Nurse brought my fresh gown but told her to check to see if discharge order was at nurse’s station. It was, so she removed the intravenous site on my right arm – it didn’t get used – whew – & it came out easily enough.

where it all started Thursday night

Removed the monitor tags on my chest. (That gum took a week of showers & body scrub to remove). One last consultation with the Dr who went over the meds prescribed & an admonition to get a family doctor. She did schedule me an appointment at end of April to see her. I would be out of there by 10:30 if all went well. Which it did.

My partner was in the get-a-away car when I exited. A longish stop at Shoppers for my meds – longish as they prepared the scripts, which gave me time to buy lottery tickets & a Tim Ho’s coffee. It was raining too hard to enjoy the coffee outside so sat in the car yakking for ten minutes. Got the scripts. Back to our little home by 11:30. 

to be continued 🙂

Hey! You can give me $$$ to defray cost of medications sweet, eh?

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