DC Sunday Stroll 2018

Sad to say my attention span for sitting for art is getting more limited the older I get. After Friday & all daylight day at Capturing Fire I was satiated. I was too full to even consider taking in the slam 😦 After surfing the rainbow tide of DC Pride I spent a quiet evening in the hotel. Eating the salad of lonely sorry & writing desperate for attention blogs – yeah sure.

I turned off my alarm before going to bed, fell asleep almost instantly. Woke a little after 6 a.m. feeling quite rested. Stuck to my morning routine. A good number of WP hits for my various DC blog posts. Checked the Dupont schedule for morning meetings. There was one at 10:30 which gave me my one time goal for the day.

Along a side street near Dupont Circle was a farmers market which I walked through after the meeting. Lots of organic stuff, gluten free baking, fresh yak milk – & eye candy. Who defines what organic is? What if you want products with extra gluten? I bought a sticky bun & an oatmeal raisin cookie to help support the local famers.

Did my walk of the day down 21 for 30 min then up 22. took loads of pics. DC folk love their yard art & the George Washington University is chock-bloc with art as well. Got a text from Fire friend wondering why I wasn’t at their brunch – I wasn’t told about the brunch (ie I wasn’t invited). Also checking up on me to make sure I was safe. Got a bagel at an excellent & very busy place on P. Relaxed at hotel for an hour or so. shower shave. Transcribed some of my poetry of the past few days. Writing in Airports. Did Google search for restaurants which proved futile.

Took the Metro to next stop Woody/Zoo or something like that, where I knew there a clump of eateries. Read several menus & settled on District Kitchen. Great food on a comfortable patio – I didn’t even mind the sprinkle of rain. Did something I’ve done before – texted pics of my food to friends & the response was surprisingly good. Don’t worry it’s not a habit I’ll into – I have enough bad habits as it is.

more pics: DC Sculpture http://topoet.tumblr.com/post/174771144368/dc-sculpture-1-silver-shell-2-silver-shell-in rough draft from Fire workshop

Your Eyes On My Wrist

the spring lake water

cold on my ankles

I begin to tear up

with that gaze

you push me deeper

inching closer

not touching

knees deep balls deep

ass deep

bone chilled

my skin blue

you enjoy my shiver

each step back

into the lake

you call

The Look of Love

nipples deep

shoulders neck

you hold my head under

I reach up

to take my wrists

to make sure

I stay under

so make sure

I drown

in the blue of your eyes