Cabaret Noir

Back in the day, when Cabaret Noir was in full swing, I often took charge of house music to keep the pre-show mood moving in the right direction. For the Halloween shows I put together a special scary music mp3 cd – over six hours of spine chilling music.16.door.36It includes the entire Bernard Hermann score for Psycho – original soundtrack version. One of the all-time great scores I was super happy when it was finally released. I picked it up on iTunes. Scary but, oddly enough, is also great make out music – time to hit showers stud.16.door.16On this cd is a version of some of Psycho by the Horror Theme Ensemble – part of a set of other horror themes by some studio musicians. Another iTunes find of some 50 themes remade. Some work, some don’t but fun & moody.16.door.80Dot’s Calliope is creepy – an electronica band with a consistent down tempo inventiveness. They were right at home with organ music from one of my all-time favourite movies: Last Year At Marienbad – the movie isn’t scary but that music – wow. The scary movie soundtrack here is Return of the Living Dead – that include snippets of film dialogue ‘send more cops.’ Plus fun zombie punk & surf rock.16.door.19Also a funereal set of Brahms’ Organ Preludes by Peter Planyavsky. One can almost smell the lilies around the open coffin in these preludes. Rounding it all off is Wendy Carlos’s Shining themes & the Winter suite from her Sonic Seasonings. If you need music to inspire your horror novel this set will do it. If not there’s still time to hit the showers, stud.sample


I call upon the Bliss Beast of Seraph to protect me from all harm.

        Allow the Conversation of Elders to be heard

        Scatter the small seeds of Hope and Truth so they take hold

        Bring to all the Final Seal still Unbroken.

Sylver Rayn read the invocation silently and then uttered aloud. She didn’t know what all the various words meant, some where strange to her tongue but she knew that this was the only way to find a return to her own land, to her own people.

The vaulted chamber was cool, damp but mist free. It was one of the few places here at the bottom of the gorge that she had found to be free of that penetrating mist.

Her every move was echoed by the thick granite walls. The blink of an eyelash brought a soft rustle ripple in response. Her breathing became a lulling hum as it re-echoed upon itself and the words she spoke darted and merged into the hum to disappear but never to end.

She inched forward slowly towards the three tiny droplets that hovered in the air over the altar in the centre of the room. They danced and darted in the vibrations she had caused.

She stopped. She waited.

Nothing happened.

She waited. She waited.

She felt the sting of tears in the corners of her eyes. Futility returned. Bitter and thwarted she left the Chamber of Echoes. She had been lied to one too many times. This wouldn’t do. She had to impress up someone the importance of her quest.


‘Yas, Mistress.’

‘I am to be taken to the Minor Coventanter.’

‘Follow me.’

The guard lifted the dim flame taper to lead her through the narrow passage ways. The ever present fog didn’t allow the light to illuminate much more than a few inches on either side of them and even less in front of them.

Rarely on her travels through the city had she met up with another party. The natives needed no light as they knew these routes and mazes from birth. She was their Visitor, their salvation some said, who had dropped from the sky above. ‘The lady brought upon the rain’ that was foretold but she had yet to find any records of this foretelling.

All she had was the Seraph Invocation to the Elders and that had proved be another dead end.soon

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Koto Vivaldi

Next on the classic shelf are four cd’s of various stringed instruments: koto, lute, mandolin & guitar. Two are lp to cd transfers of the Koto Ensemble performing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons (rounded out with a different group performing Japanese Melodies), the other of the Ensemble doing Mozart’s Nacht Music & Symphony 40 (rounded out with more Japanese Melodies & Bernard Hermann’s The Impressionists).

pillows composition in white and yellow 

The Koto pieces are, shall we say, very plucky – the music flutters by rapidly, there is some assistance from a violinist on the Seasons – more a curiosity than anything else but satisfying. The Melodies are traditional folk melodies which I love. The Hermann is another curiosity. I found this cheap at a garage sale & couldn’t resist it. Best known for his film music here he conducts music by Debussy, Ravel etc. sweet.


etude in roots flat

Lutz Kirchhof plays Lute Music for Witches & Alchemists: Renaissance music that isn’t as emotional as the album title suggests. Pleasant enough and I do love the sound of the lute.

snowcapsolo rhapsody in white

An lp to cd transfer: Virtuoso Mandolins is like the Koto recordings – as 10 mandolinists tackle Vivaldi, Scarlatti for a very plucky session of fun music. An energetic rush of orchestral strength washes over these pieces for some rousing music. I topped this off with selections from a 5 lp set of music for Lute, Guitar, or Mandolin. It spans eras & composers. I remember buying the set in Halifax and wanting to hear all of it all at once.


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June 27, Saturday – 7:00-  Feature: Hot Summer Nights at Hirut, Hirut Restaurant, 2050 Danforth Ave., Toronto


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October 18, Sunday – feature: Cabaret Noir: Inner Child Sacrifice


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“Nothing you do surprises me or anyone.”

“So you’re angry! Think of how I feel for a minute. Have you even thought to do that? Have you?”

“Look Carl, we have done nothing but that, but just because you are in pain is no reason we should suffer too.”

“Then get the fuck out of here. I don’t want your pity.”

“You aren’t getting our pity. I try to be helpful or at least as helpful as you will let me but I don’t have to put with this bullshit from you or anyone. Just because you may be dying is no reason for me to put up will your crap.”

“Then do as I suggest. Get the fuck out of here and send in someone who knows what they are doing. I’ve been getting nothing but promises since I got this room here. Let me tell you, it hasn’t been worth the the effort it took to get here.”

“That isn’t my fault. I just happen to be one of the guys who work here. I am trying to make things easier for you.”

“Don’t do me any goddamn favours Stew or Brad or Dickie DooDoo or whatever your fucking name is. Just leave me alone. When I want some incompetent asshole to come I promise I’ll ring for you.”

“With that attitude you can ring all day before anyone will come to help you.”

“Crap crap & more crap. No one ignores the dying. Us poor martyrs get heard.”

“I’m surprised you’d want to be heard by any of us considering how incompetent we all are.”

“Have I hurt your feelings. Oh poor baby I’m so sorry that I don’t give a shit. You get to walk out of here alive. I’ll be wheeled out of here on a gurney. That is if someone can manage to get one of here without dropping me down the stairs again.”

“No one dropped you on the stairs.”

“Then how did I end up on my fucking bony ass. Good thing I didn’t break anything.”

“Well, you didn’t end up on your bony ass and besides that was over two weeks ago. Must have been the highlight of your life the way you go on about it all the time.”

“Get out. I don’t need this.”

“No one needs this Carl but we are stuck with it. Can you reach the lunch tray from there?”

“I am not totally incapacitated, and, yes I can reach the lunch tray from here. Not that I can eat much.”


“No, I’m just a picky eater who doesn’t like to see his lunch puked up five minutes later.”

“Then don’t look.”


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