Working through the  227 Rules For Monks.

Who knew the simple life could be so complex.


how cheap

is too cheap

cheap is the wrong word

it implies shoddy

lacking in quality

how inexpensive 

is too inexpensive

before something becomes worthless

before self-worth not seen

as egotism


you look at me

as if the price of my chapbook

is too much to ask

after all

the paper itself isn’t that valuable

the cost of printing it

isn’t much greater either

so why should you be expected

to pay more than the paper is worth

the words are worthless 


expecting to cover more than costs

is egoism as its worst


you’d rather buy a beer

to numb the pain

of not getting my chapbook

for free

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Chapbooks and Spatial Reasoning

I lack spatial reasoning – the ability to mentally re-arrange objects without physically touching them. I have to do mock ups & even then it’s frustrating. In this case it was the logic behind piecing together my chap book – page layout so that when it gets printed & collated everything is in the correct order for the reader. On the page the left side is one, but the right side is not two – but whatever your final page number is to be – a single sheet is actually 4 pages – chap books thus need to have pages counts divisible by 4 – confused? So you see my

oogieWith the help of a second set of hands this layout work got done. Hurrah! This’ll be longest chapbook I’ve self-published. All the pieces have been prompted by the 48 Laws of Power – but I resisted calling it Power Poetry & opted, as I always do, to title after one of the pieces – in this case “After The Falling.”

As I do with a feature I made sure the flow was one that invited readers, amusing them to start & then getting political, human, queer sexy & ending with something unlike anything else in the book. The pieces underwent rewrites so they are somewhat different from the versions I’ve already blogged here.toilet

I told someone I was pricing it at $10 & they felt that was too expensive for a chapbook. Considering that they would tip a bartender that much for a couple of good cocktails I said “I’ll keep that in mind.” Keeping in mind that they won’t be getting the complimentary copy they expect. But this is a gripe for another post.noirjuly13

It’ll stay at $10.00 for the hard copy. If you want a PDF copy send $4.00 to my paypal below & I’ll email you a copy. The PDF will have additional Power pieces. My Hot Damn! set will also have some non-Power pieces not in the book & a PDF of the actual set will be $2.00. All PayPal funds go to buying me (& other poets) coffee at Capturing Fire 🙂


a piece that didn’t make it to the final cut of the printed book or the Hot! set:

Answer My Texts

you never answer my texts

he texts me

why not

he wants to be a friend

to know what I’m up to

one day the texts came so fast

he didn’t know

which one I was replying to

when in fact

I didn’t want to reply to any

it was a waste of my time

plus I hate texting & walking

it was none of his business

what I was up to

at any given moment

he wanted to made sure

I wasn’t having sex

when I wasn’t even having sex with him

he wanted to be my friend

I wasn’t sure why

we had little in common

other than being male

we’d met twice face to face

which was enough for me

and he built on that

even as I made it clear I wasn’t interested

after the flurry of texts

to set up that first meeting

I knew I wasn’t interested

I am not suspicious by nature

but I value my privacy

there is nothing worth discovering

no trade secrets

no best-seller plots to pirate

he wants something

I’m not sure what it is

but I’ll never text fast enough

to find out


Hot Damn! Set Building

selfieb01It’s been a few years since I’ve done a full set at a poetry series in Toronto. Even then I’ve been one of three or our others, never as a sole feature. Not that I mind the competition but the theory of more poets the broader the audience appeal rarely works out – the audience pool is pretty small & fans of one are often fans of all.

hotdamn2I was aiming to be a Hot Damn! Slam out of town feature but that didn’t work out – timing etc. I’m doing the March show sort of by default. Not hitting open stages for some time means I have lots of ‘fresh’ material to choose from. The set I’ve put together is mainly pieces written as result of the 48 Laws of Power. I used each law as a prompt. These prompts often took my writing in fun, provocative directions.

Don’t worry I’m not going all 60+ pieces I wrote from these prompts. I picked a handful that either I have liked, or that other’s have responded to when I blogged them here. I’ll also include a couple of more recent pieces prompted by the 227 Rules of Monks. There be some political comment, some nostalgia, some sexy stuff & at least one surprise.

menoirPast sets I’ve tried to theme – east coast life, sexy stuff, in your pants stuff, political commentary – but this set will have no connecting thread other than the prompt sources. I will group things so there’ll be social, relationship, political, sexy pieces paired off. As usual I do start with the pieces that invite then become more ‘challenging’. There’ll be a fair bit of ironic humour  & perhaps out-right laughs. Many of the pieces have been already blogged but these versions have been edited more tightly.

jan0117meAs it stands now the set will be Dead Already*, Don’t Do Anything, Love Your Work, Give Generously, The Illusion of Democracy, Reaping Victory, Chalk It Up To Experience*, Faultless, Spoilers, After The Falling, Hard On, Man In The Moon, Breaking in Grief. The ‘*’ are from the 227 series of prompts.

After the Falling is the title of the chapbook I’m putting together for the show. I won’t be reading all the pieces in it. The ‘*’ poems won’t be in it either as I’m limiting the book to a selection the Laws of Power  pieces. Watch more about the chapbook in a later blog post. The chapbook will be $10.00. $9.00 if you have exact change 🙂


Give Generously

you can make a difference

in the lives of these children

dogs  endangered species  bees

ice shelf

you can make a difference

the overfishing of the sea

the destruction of the rain forest

the testing of make up on animals

only you can help

we know you want to

if only to stop

seeing these high definition

close ups of tears on cheeks

skin taut over fragile bones

acres of swamps

replaced with sugar cane fields

birds slicked with oil


look it’s babies

for fuck sake

innocent little kittens

going hungry

so skinny

even the human babies

starving won’t eat them


only you can help

these photographers need work

these administrators need

your funds to administrate

we don’t want you to rescue anyone

we have skilled professionals

who studied in universities

to learn how to teach these unfortunates

what they need to change

to become suitable candidates for rescue

that education doesn’t come for free

you won’t have to touch anything

other than the donation button

only you can help


only you


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April season 3 FINALS – Friday April 15th Buddies in Bad Times – early show – 7pm startgames

June 8-9 attending: Capturing Fire 2018


Hey! Now you can give me $$$ to defray blog fees & buy coffee in Washington – sweet,eh?

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burn that cksckr down Pride2012

Creature From the Porn Lagoon

Had a good night at Plasticine Poetry Sunday. Sizable house, sold some chap books, signed a couple of them, got cash in hand (which I always declare), had my set recorded by Myke Mazzei for a future cd. Charlie Petch always the perfect host (except when they aren’t there & I end up as the imperfect host).

Heather Wood had the first feature spot. She read a story that will be in ‘The Anthology of Modern Fables’ – a fun piece about a cell-phone with telepathic abilities (I wish I had one with pre-call warning). She then did a stroll through ‘Roll With It’ – following one specific plot thread to it resolution in an Olympic figure skating routine. A well structured set.

I was up next with my raunch attack. Pacing is key for me to keep flow of a set natural and to take, I hope, listeners with me. The first few pieces were sort of innocent, early, hunger-for-sex that weren’t overly explicit. Then each piece became more direct, always with a buffer of humor. As expected “my cock is so big/ it gives Freudians nightmares” brought the house down, as did: “he dropped his pants to release/ the creature from the porn lagoon/ thicker than the accents/ of an entire Brazilian water polo team”

Jeff Cottrill started the second set. We have featured together a few times before – for some reason putting two big, bald, funny guys on stage is hard to resist – but our sense of irony & humor couldn’t be more different. I loved his ‘Love Letter’ – how tell a woman she’s beautiful without objectifying her. It was great to hear his post-modern self-reflective parody ‘Review of this piece.’


Final feature was Carolyn Smart – she did a strong set of new pieces about Bonnie and Clyde. Her writing is simple, direct and emotional. She seems to avoid images that would distract us for the raw emotions and violence of their lives. Sadly her books were scooped away before I could buy one.

The excellent line-up of open stagers that opened and closed the show – including Lizzie Violet, Vanessa McGowen – sets the bar high for us features.



whisps of chin hair

glasses a la skater punk nerd

he laughed about starbuck’s coffee

even tossed out a latin phrase

which wasn’t what I wanted tripping from his tongue


a frisky feel in the dark corner of the bar

made it clear he was packing more

than his uber baggy jeans reveled

when we got back to his place

he dropped his pants to reveal

the creature from the porn lagoon


thicker than the accents

of an entire Brazillian water polo team

balls emu eggs in the palms of my hands

skin was cozy tattooed flannel

his tongue a whispering clock

tasted of unripe apples

his teeth warm endlessly round ice crystals

melted drooling draining

each step of the ten thousand to the temple


his nipples express train rush pressure

immersion into the gutteral swamp of gasps

arm pits salt seasoned licorice tampura teasing

stomach muscle dunes

sahara but not parched for long

as we shifted camel humps

burdened with a growing growling treasure

an oasis of pubic eden cillia

savory basil black fresh crushed rushed


the creature from the porn lagoon

an already oozing fountain

watermelon baby power

his trembling tip lip touch

tumble choices chances escaping grasps

pushing back for more torrent torment

his laugh now clinking unfinished

coffee cups of memory

That’s So 50 Shades of Gay

(Chapter titles)

gay tripper
gay dream believer
gay by gay

tomorrow is another gay
our gay will come
what a difference a gay makes

our gayly bread

gay of the triffids
the gay after tomorrow

independence gay

give us this gay
the gays of our lives

orange you glad