Low Roar Faker

Coldplay opened the door for an endless series of introspective, soaring, soft-rock, shoe-gazer uplifting bands from everywhere. The sound is similar in the way the singer is miked & the music is engineered. Sweet, sometimes jangly guitars, touches of synth, burbles of electronica, strings & sensitive yearning lyrics.

From Iceland comes Low Roar. I have the self-titled Low Roar & 0 – I’m not sure if it is O or 0 though. Not that it matters. It is dreamy, shoe-gazer, electro folk. Relaxing. Out of Australia comes Chet Faker: Built On Glass. More of the same musically with perhaps a bit more energy & humour. Which is what one would expect with a name that parodies Chet Baker. I was hoping for some jazz in this Glass but there was none. From the UK comes Bear’s Den with Islands. Blindfold test & I cannot tell one from the other 🙂

Even before the emotive cool of Coldplay there was Brian Ferry. Perhaps more relaxed but a clear inspiration for many of these bands. In this mp3 compilation I have Avonmore. Gentle, soaring & sort of a sequel to his Avalon. No matter what he does it always sound like Roxy Music. No matter what Cold Play does it sounds like Cold Play.

To balance all this gentle pop I added Germany’s Einsturzende Neubauten: Ende neu Kleff. Electronica & homemade instruments this is a punchier version of Kraftwerk. One of their videos had been posted to Tumblr – it was hypnotic, propulsive & right up my ear alley. One lps was enough to satisfy & this is wild music but not too aggressive to listen to.

The same holds true for Underwater Noises. This is a globe hopping compilation of electronica all with some water element in the mix. I may have found this free on the Internet Archives site or perhaps Bandcamp. Finally is the soundtrack from Beasts of the Southern Wild. Evocative, comes rocking with Bayou funk this is a great soundtrack for a great movie.

(a piece from May 2007)

Sense of Absence

you’ve heard of phantom limb syndrome

well, I suffered phantom pubes

when I had them shaved for surgery

I didn’t realize how I relied on them

till they were gone

there was a constant sense of absence

as they grew back

reaching down in the morning

for a comforting little scratch

with no welcoming thatch of hair

for my fingers to work though


not that having them shaved

was much of a thing either

before it happened 

I had some worry about being aroused

an erotic shaving panorama

warm sudsy water

frothy white almond lather 

vanilla peppery smell

on the tip of an ultra soft brush

careful caressed on

hone stropped sharp blade

sliding through the soap

to leave me smooth as a baby

flesh tingling


it wasn’t a bit like that

a shoulder nudge at 5:30 a.m. 

‘here to shave you’

female was all I could tell

with light hitting my eyes

a spray bottle

like window cleaner

two cool antiseptic squirts

scrape scrape scrape

less than a minute

‘wipe off at the sink’

back in the bed 

a glance down

gone gone

my crowning glory gone


it lead me to wonder 

the why of pubic hair

certainly not ornamental

it can’t be one of those hormonal triggers

you know how girls 

flick their hair 

a come hither gesture

that is never done with pubes

not even in private

they don’t offer much

protective cover in case of emergency

they can be hard to get out of 

the teeth of a zipper

or of someone giving you a close inspection


phantom pubes

I could feel them

even when they weren’t there 

but at least that’s all that was removed
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Spin Around The Editors

I have a stand alone by Editors: An End Has A Start. This is adult pop, I guess, but to tell the truth I cannot remember a single song on it. Another of those sincere, sensitive bands that got great reviews and press that I picked up for $4.99 at HMV. I’ve played it a few times and found them easy enough but clearly forgettable. Next listen & I’ll decide if its toss or keep.

Near it on the shelf is an mp3 collection filed under Edwin. It starts with his Another Spin Around the Sun. A Canadian popster with a pleasant voice, good writing & nicely produced & he even had a hit or two but I never followed beyond this release. On this cd is the cute & forgettable Joe Jonas: Fast Life heterocentric dance sensitive teen pop: every collection needs a dash of hot young thing, right? Another hot young thing, at least hot on the Canadian charts, is Feist. In this set is Metals. Consistent with her work – easy to listen to & sensitive – she’s the hipster Celine Dion. More about her when I get to F. To expand the range on this cd is Tom Waits – Bad As Me: you can’t go wrong with Tom. More about him when I get to W.

Jonas was a nod to modern, as is Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday – energetic, in-your-face, inventive and aggressive. I can’t say I’m a fan but it is good to have. The sound is a bit muddy at points – just too much going on in the mix. The polar opposite is Toronto folk-rocker Myke Mazzei – Fields is a great set of his fine work. Easy on the ear and easy on the eye too. Warm & inviting. Rounding things out is Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto – inoffensive, easy listening. As they went from warmly sensitive to calculated arena rock something was lost in the process – creativity? Not a bad lp but treading water.


His shoes and socks were set out at the foot of the bed, underwear and tee-shirt on the chair. The locations never altered though the exact colour & style of the objects might vary.

Sometimes the shoes were sneakers, other times oxfords, the socks would range in colours as would the tee-shirts and underwear. Within those surfaces changes the usage of the items never changed.

The shoes, for example, would never be worn as gloves. Their use was singular, confined, as it were, to their structure. Though at one time he did attempt to hammer a tack with the hard heel of an oxford.

There, too, were occasions when the tee-shirts would be used to clean up sudden bedroom spills. The nearest dry rag would be grabbed to dab, to cover, to smear away the sticky wickets.

So each object did have multiple uses beyond its designated purpose but, as at this occasion, when there were in these positions their function was unalterable.

Socks, shoes for feet, tee-shirt and underwear for torso covering.

Having these in place for the start of the day made the remainder of the day easier to face. No search in the morning for the right shoes, the clean underwear. Simple. Set out to give less work for the brain.

This routine, this placements of objects for morning use was carried forward into other rooms of the house. Breakfast items were set out before bed. Cereal in bowl, banana ready for cutting, knife and cutting board set on the counter for this duty.

Each little pre-set item to allow for less pressure, for less frantic worry in the morning. No need then to decide what to eat, what to wear, what dish to use. All that had been taken care the night before when the brain was awake, feverish from the day and racing with the countless tasks of preparation for the morning.

The alarm went off. He reached across to the exact point where it was, and turned it off. Ah, the breathing start of the morning ritual. Toe flex point flex point.

Blankets folded off (folded not tossed). They would be left open for the day, to allow the air of night to dispel.

The socks right at the feet as they touch the ground. The underwear within grasp. No stretch.

The bathroom cool and bright, seat up for the first sacrifice to the day. The held-in, sacred night waters to be splashed out into the brilliant white font. Such blessed relief.


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23door01I remember first hearing Coldplay way back in 2000 – Yellow was a track on a British pop magazine sampler compilation CD of ‘hits.’ I don’t remember any of the other songs or performers on the CD but I kept going back to Yellow. Sweet, plaintive emo. 23door05So when Parachutes was finally released in Canada I was excited to pick it up in Feb 2001 & was not disappointed. Little did I know they would become so hugely popular. In my collection I have that and A Rush of Blood, X&Y, Viva LaVida as stand alone’s & Mylo Xyloto as part of an mp3 collection. The first three releases kept drawing me back. The crisp production sound, the guitar work, plus romantic, nearly adult lyrics were hard to resist.23door02The guys in the band were certainly easy on the eyes too. They seemed shy in the spotlight, endearing. The music was always lush, arching & aching. But by Viva they became less compelling to listen to. I enjoy Viva & Mylo but there is nothing distinctive in the lyrics, there are moments of good craftsmanship but no passion. But these first 3 cds are still powerful pretty & emotive.23door03Did success rush to their heads? Reading biographies of bands like the Beatles, The Animals, that track their how the rise to fame influenced their work I was understand how the push for bigger gets in the way of creativity. Coldplay accepted the spotlight & I’ve head them interviewed & being nearly forced into political stances. Of course marrying movie stars didn’t create privacy either. So it’s no surprise they lost their way a little.sample

Good Bones

The skeleton had to take two steps before E’fi believed her spell had worked.

‘Thou shalt do my bidding?’

‘He-yes-ss.’ the broken teeth clattered as the breath of wind struck them in answer. ‘Hi hwill dhooo thy bhidding.’

E’fi stepped back. The skeleton stepped towards her.

‘Stay till I call upon you.’

‘Nho for me to breath I must be near thee.’ a bone arm reached out to her. ‘You have willed me but my time depends on you and only you.’

Oh Gr’dam E’fi gave her work table a kick that rattled the two cauldrons on it. In other words she had conjured a spirit that could function only in her presence. She had hoped for one which would travel, perform its deeds while she waited safe and sound in her lair.

‘He-youu are not pleased?’

‘No this doesn’t suit my purpose.’

Though perhaps she could work with what she had. She didn’t have the elements for another spell or the time t◊o start looking for them.

‘We will manage something.’

‘Ahh ghood for I cannot be banished without doing the task you had in mind.’

Oh no! Now she was stuck with this pile of bones.

‘How near must I be for you to function?’ she stepped back two paces, another two paces.

The air around the skeleton began to scintillate, it’s bones cracked. She inched forward and the scintilla stopped.

‘Half a room. Must I be within sight of you?’

‘He-yes-ss. Do not even close your eyes for a minute.’

That meant no sleep either. Now she had no choice but to follow the path she had laid before her.

‘So be it. Follow me.’

She turned away to the door.  She heard bones cracking behind her.

‘Damnation. You must go first.’

‘True. How quickly we learn who is control of the spirits. Not you. Not I.’

‘The Rule of Spells need to be revived.’

‘Do not blame the rules for your own lack of knowledge Misstreshh.’ The skeleton pushed the door open.soon

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