Art Trash Toronto

I had been using my collection of ‘found’ art for ‘Picture Perfect’ posts. But there is still a sizeable backlog – some from the wonderful Craven Rd. fence. Others spotted in the trash! A few strategically placed on people’s front porches.

sunny trees
sunny trees in the shade
fishing fun
Mr Robotoh!
sunset or sunrise?
the Rockies
blue torso
nude descending into the trash
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Craven Cosmos

I check out the fence on Craven Road every month or so to see what new art or installations have been attached to it. I’ve been doing this for decades now. The best stretch is in between Dundas E & Gerrard E, but there is some south of Gerrard E as well. These cosmic paintings are recent & are at the Gerrard E end of Craven.

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Not All Rainbows Are On Flags

Rainbows are showing up all around east end Toronto. These are pictures from the area bounded by Broadview, O’Connor, Main & Dundas E.

proud tree in Browning/Logan area
tight knit?

Craven Rd. fence
across from pape subway station

inclusive in the Mortimore/Coxwell area

mural Danforth/Patricia area
close up of mural
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Art on the Street – Toronto

I love coming cross art that has been discarded – paintings, prints, photographs, & even empty frames. Often I take a couple of shots, one of the entire pieces then some of portions, so some of these are paintings without their context.

shh – listen to the raindrops
who is this fake family that use in empty frames anyway
close up of thick yellow marbleization
fish in same painting as the wild yellow above
nice bit of 30’s modernity nailed to the Craven Rd. fence
yellow ski boots & print of a ladder(?)
skyline print partially rolled up with a bamboo curtain
I told you to leave those pictures on the motel wall

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Found Art Toronto

I always take photos of painting, frames, photographs, that have been cast aside or left in unexpected public places. I have been using them as Picture Perfect graphics as well.

lost in the move
cherry tree on Craven Road fence
close up of the cherry tree
Pomeranian under a tree on Chatham Avenue
close up of Pomeranian
trashed on Moberly Avenue
Ex trashed on Moberly Avenue

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