Recap March 2021

Over the past year by following blog grew to 487! The only stat WP doesn’t give is where the followers are located but WP map does show my hits have come from 30 countries around the world. That USA tops the list is no surprise but that India & Bangladesh are in the top 4 is interesting. Ireland, Japan in the top 10!  Most popular post for March was Attention Span ( My Tumblr is at 311. It would be higher but this past month I‘ve blocking a flood of banal anime sex sites. Twitter 231 followers.

Picture Perfect is moving along with 61 sections, nearly 90,000 words, posted so far, with 95,000 words approx to be edited, then posted. Yes finally at the half-way point & know there are major cuts yet to be made. That the joy of writing without worry I know I can chase a subplot knowing if it doesn’t pan out it can be chopped.

I continued working through the archived files of short-stories, poetry, even plays. Some date back to the mid-seventies. My typing & handwriting haven’t improved much over the decades. I’m enjoying the array of paper, scrap paper, that I used. It helps to date some of the work, as does the typewriter used, the colour of ink, & of course dot-matrix printouts – some of which hadn’t been separated.

I watched lots of great movies this past month including two wildly different movies about witches. The first is a version of Susperia – based on the original Dario Argenta movie but not a remake. I love the original despite the distracting loud soundtrack. Both are set in a dance school. I enjoyed this fresh take in which dance took a major role. The music & choreography & even the theory of dance were spot on. The music was moody, never intrusive. Performances were great – Tilda Swinton was fine. The bloodbath scene was gory but then …. sadly they added an endless, pointless coda that turned an A movie into a C.

The other witch move was ‘The Juniper Tree’ from 1990. It could have been a lost Bergman film with its stark Iceland setting, shot in stunning black & white. Mystical, poetic & magical without any special effects & solid compelling performances. Ethereal music & a realistic ending. Well worth searching out. 

As break from the macabre I watched, for at least the 3rd time, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg. This was the fully restored print with stunning colour & a pristine soundtrack. This is a masterpiece of film making. The set decor is breathtaking, stunning & a feast for the eyes. The cast is good, Deneuve is stunning too. The men are tasty Gallic eye candy. The music is lush & the singing is perfect. All the voices are dubbed – so this is a live-action animated feature 🙂 They sing like ordinary people – I’m so used to the over-singing of songs in which every one has to have a heart-rending emotional climax. 

Another truly amazing film was Diamonds In The Night – Czech black & white – follows two young men, escapees from transport to concentration camp during WWII. A touch surreal, intense, compelling & rewarding. 

We’re finally watching The Crown, season 2. The Aberfan episode is one of the most amazing chapters of a serial I’ve ever seen, right up there with The Queen episode of Castle Rock. An emotional tour de force that left me tearful. Heart-rending without being cloying or over-the-top.

from the archives – sometime 1985

‘let’s swim to the moon’

Jim Morrison

last night I dreamed of the dead

they weren’t looking very well

the endlessness of the past

was worrying them

as there was more past every day

their worries were constantly growing

at this point as expected

things got a little confusing

the cafe of experience

was flooded by Symbolists

our meals became metaphors

which left us hungering for reality

an allusion of symbiotics

were looking for a new quantifier

they wanted pride

by lions had already cornered that one

they asked to join us for coffee

but no one had a measuring spoon

mystic sixties retro music on the juke box

left us even more unsatisfied

reminding us of old frustrations

we had matured out of long long ago

we were speechless with despair 

none willing to swim anymore

there was no room for miles

the stars repeated their menu

soup song of sorrows in the heartbreak hotel

pulling up to the gas pump

in an early model Chevrolet 

revved up the effortless drive of love

to fuel the furnace of art

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#FanExpoCanada 2015


CN Tower from Convention Centre

Over the years I’ve learned to ‘negotiate’ FanExpo for maximum enjoyment. Last year I opted not to bother with the Thursday morning line up by 1. picking up my wristband & pass the day before; 2. arriving after 2 pm on Thursday, by which time the Premium pass lineup has already made its way in. Easy & fast.


follow the Off White Queen

Picking up my pass the day before also gets me ready for the hell of Union Station – due to renovation work Union has been a maze the past few years. It wasn’t so bad this year – the Skywalk was readily accessible – though the fast-food places on the GO level were all closed for on-going work – no Tim Ho’s for snaps of cosplayers gulping down Tim Bits. But lot of cosplayers hefting axes, bow & arrows on their way to hopefully being swarmed by photographers. At least on the Skywalk I was able avoid being whacked or tripped by their props.


tee shirts of the damned

Day one I get a sense of what I want, go though the program for possible events but as I get older I’m not longer chomping at the bit for a Hogwarts reunion or a q&a with the cast of Teen Wolf (maybe, no, definitely with Tyler Posey in private). I did pick up a Dario Argento DVD set: Cat O’Nine Tails, Deep Red & Inferno. I also kept an eye open for some old school horror tee’s – too bad I’m not that into Walking Dead, Star Wars or Star Trek as there was lot of that to be bought. Where was Bride of Frankenstein? Hey look, there’s Mike Tyson.


ready for her close-up

Day two was more of the same – I got off at St Andrews to avoid Union & also to hit the Starbucks near there – bonus stars cashed in – easy entry starting with the North hall & more of the horror stuff. Nothing cracked my wallet open though. Though the gladiator clad men were fetching I resisted being one of the 200 cameras pointed at them. Over to the South hall & found American Vampire volumes 4, 6, 7 that I don’t have. I resisted Volume 1 of the collected Sandman – weighed too much & cost too much: $175.00! even with the free bag that was a bit much for me. I guess the gold edging was real gold. Hey look, there Rupert Grint.

After a few hours I was ready to leave. Spotted a few celebs, gotten tripped and/or swathed by one too many cosplay props as I tried to avoid baby carriages & no where to actually sit down either. The Premium lounge is great in theory but not inviting enough. But I did find the old school monster tee I was looking for – spotted one at the tiptop of one of the tee-shirt retailer walls – of course they hire just for the event & so staff doesn’t know stock & it took twenty minutes to find one, male cut, in my size. What did I get? You’ll have to wait till I get my pic taken at a future Cabaret Noir to know. Or send me $5 via paypal for an early peek 🙂


clearly not going commando

Skipped Saturday, & Sunday was, as expected, mayhem, thanks to: Hey look! Gillian Anderson. Next year I’ll stick to Thursday & Friday, unless they bring in the cast of American Horror Story. There’s a photo op many would line up for – Jessica hold the whip a little higher.


Life of An Unknown Poet

I was handing my credit card

to the Winners clerk

when my camera crew got into shoving match

with her camera crew


I didn’t see how out of hand things were

till I watched a podcast of

The Making of The Life of An Unknown Poet

by the crew following my camera crew


my head camera man was asked

how did the poet feel

when he was accosted

he pointed his camera at me

as I walked out of the store

I looked back

glad I was still the one on camera


I was tempted to go back

but didn’t want to interrupt

the entertainment food chain

I had my own life to lead

and what he thought I thought

about the shoving match

wasn’t all that vital to me

the world knew how shallow I was

for a poet


except for this show

I remained unknown

even after six seasons

my books sales hadn’t increased

I wasn’t getting reviews

and this pissed me off

in fact my viewers

would like to see me pissing too

but I had to draw the line somewhere

they could watch me flush

but couldn’t see me take a leak

I have some pride


later there was a news report

of the shoving match

someone was injured

not one of my crew or my crew’s crew

it struck me how futile it was

that no matter what one did

someone was bound to suffer

that even allowing my personal angst

to be the fodder of millions

it didn’t stop the circle of suffering

my camera crew applauded me

as I wrote those lines about suffering

which made it all worth while once again

I can go living giving all to my life

even if there is no bump in book sales

or any chance of sex


unless that camera man

from the clerk’s camera crew is available

he looked kind of hot

in the podcast of the shoving match

he needs a shave

but his bloody nose gave this unknown poet

a spark of known reality



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