The first signs of the festive season is the appearance of wreaths. The old religion tradition of decorating with ivy, fir bows & holly berries has never disappeared, even before the decorating of fir trees or cluttering front yards with inflatable forty foot Santas descended upon us there was the wreath. These are all in the east end north & south of Greenwood/Danforth.

simple, almost minimal wreath but the door treatment is deluxe
traditional simplicity
not real fruit – much to the dismay of squirrels
I don’t think those holly berries are real
very happy to see you
love the Claus tartan ribbon
very traditional including the plastic berries
rustic perfection

Lights Delight

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Heretical Front Yards

Halloween decorations around my neighbourhood is east end Toronto – some just for fun, some serious statements.

Did someone order a tall one?
The possessed garden hose
some body you know?
gateway to Hell
Muffit frightener
that darn cat
another body
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Halloween 2022

Egg Trees 2022

As much as the various Christian churches have attempted to co-opt the pagan celebrations that existed before the creation of Christianity they have persisted. Easter is one of those co-opt attempts but much like Halloween it has remained rooted in its BC beginnings. I am happy to see all these homes happily displaying these Eostre devotionals.

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Egg Trees

Egg trees have been sprouting all around the east end. This is a growing spring holiday decorating that I love to see. This is another pagan festival that the Christian church hasn’t been able to obliterate. As far I know there were no hard-boiled eggs or rabbit pie at the Last Supper 🙂

festive hedge
hot magenta
happy dangle day
let’s get sticky
more danglers
someone left an egg out in the rain

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Blowing Up Christmas

I love a big candy cane

Front porch Santa (not as popular as backdoor Santa)

Only two reindeer 😦

Frosty with out his candy cane seems lost

that’s a big Santa

on his way from whom?

not strangers to candy cane lane

what’s the score


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