Dominion Beach Party

On my August 2019 Cape Breton visit I spent an hour or so on Dominion Beach. I can’t remember the last time I actually stood in the Atlantic Ocean 🙂 

Dominion Beach before the crowds

view of the Lingan Power Plant from the beach

‘the beach has changed once again’

public shower

horizon under the horizon

feet in the sand

clouds over Dominion

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Cape Breton Day 10

Another day of driving through coastal town around Sydney. Our first real stop was Fort Petrie – a WW2 bunker that has an amazing view of the harbour – there is another similar Fort directly across the way. Mom too the bunkers are sealed off to the public – but someone forced a grate so I took a few inside pics but resisted crawling in – I’m no Romy Romany 🙂 a meters away was another bunker directly on the shore but access was too steep for me to attempt. Broken bones aren’t the souvenirs I’m after.

Continuing along we passed through New Victoria into New Waterford where we stopped Tim’s for coffee & delicious blueberry donuts. We stuck to the coast & had to stop for the wind turbines around the Lingan Generating Station. They reminded me of War of The Worlds – very unearthly, tall. Not quite silent but taking pictures was fun.

Next stop was Dominion Beach, where we did go a few times as kids but I have no real memory of being here. I didn’t have to roll my pant legs up to walk in the Atlantic though. I can’t recall the last time I actually waded in the Atlantic Ocean. I figure once every 40 years is often enough 🙂 Dried my feet. Drove through Glace Bay & finally back to civilization in Sydney 🙂 Stopped at the Gaslight Cafe for a fine chicken pot pie.


Tomorrow? Rotary Park maybe, then packing for sure.