“Frisky The Snowman”

After a frustratingly delayed start up, Lizzie Violet co-hosted with Romeo Satin the December Cabaret year end show & it was a full-house fundraiser for The Street Store! The night was warehouse of Christmas crackers going off for three hours with brief stops for raffles.

The started with a line up of open stagers including great music from Cate McKim (a blessing we call count) & Supertash – her love’s gonna get ya. First feature was Teige Reid channelling Rory MacFadden: a rowdy drunken Scot whose poetic rant roved from ‘shagging the widow at the wake’ to ‘decomposing from the inside out because Jesus Christ didn’t believe in replaceable parts.’ His energy and timing was perfect as he kept the packed house laughing and stomping. Loved his definitions: politics: ‘poly’ means many, ‘tics’ are blooding sucking pests.


east end wild life

Next up was NorthStar with a 4 song set (hey, perfect length for a live ep). Shikha and Nelson are a June Carter & Johnny Cash for this decade. The songs were fresh takes on love, loss – ready to become classics. ‘I’m struggling every day to put out the fire’ ‘we put ourselves together piece by piece.’ Sweet emotive and performed with conviction. NorthStar is: Nelson Sobral (Melting Pot & The Celebration Army) and Shikha Sehgal (Shikha) Get their single https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/troubadour-single/id942739611

scales tipping the scales

After a brief break Dottie Dangerfield did a room warming traditional striptease tribute to Gypsy Rose Lee, even doing her own singing to ‘Let Me Entertain You.’ Red hair, red goves and an animal print gown she gave us traditional with a hot flare. Unfortunately for the audience I was up next with some of my less revealing Dolly Dinty pieces. Which allowed the audience to cool down & catch their breath for the final feature.


the net effect

Rando Bando did a raunchy, seasonal and energetic set. Rando looking supper club dapper in tux and bow tie, his backup singers play too big a role to be called backup singers: Bianca Boom Boom & Sassy Rae – were in sparkling festive gowns that appeared to be sprayed on. Frosty became Frisky the Snowman to the Ventures take on the tune – ‘he’ll give you free snow cone from his pants’ ‘talk about blowing snow.’ They were the perfect end to a great night.

For event pics see https://www.facebook.com/events/743240899058830/ & https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.403073426518171&type=3&l=2181a24ea7


one of the Dolly Dinty pieces is here: http://wp.me/p1RtxU-Z5

one of the Dolly Dinty pieces I didn’t read at Noir:

Arts und Krafts

Kind readers one thing that I neglected to mention in my wee report yesterday was the Arts und Krafts display at St. Sufferer’s Cathedral’s Fun Fair. Like many of you I have seen my share of knitted booties for rifle stocks and candle holders made out of elephant dung but there were some very fine pieces from the near by College of Arts and Reconstructionist Designers of Palmixalitato County.

I am well aware of the rivalry that has been going on between the students in that county and our own but remember we did trounce them the last three years in the Provincial Open Court Peach Pit Curling Play Off. So we can afford to allow them to excel at something and excel they did at the Fun Fair.

There were many charming crystallized bones pieces from the Anatomy of Design classes there. I was particularly taken by the crystallized moose bone reproductions of the Departments of the Cross that one Leslie Ann Marie Betty McDellon had created.

I can’t imagine what sort of skill it takes to do such fine work but I can certainty respect the work that it took.

Also many were charmed by the spiderwood furniture Gregh O’Treple has wrought there. A sturdy rocking chair with a fine webbed seat and back was very comfortable to sit in for long periods of time. He hopes to follow in the family footsteps and may be opening his own furniture and restraints shoppe right here in Crab Apple Corners. He will surely be missed in Palmixalitato County. But their mystery is always our gain.

Another feature of the Fun Fair that cannot be neglected was the food pavilion. Over 20,000 were seated at one time for a fine feeding of Trish Creamly’s delicious sprung bark toffee pie. Trish you have out done yourself this year. Just save that recipe for my wedding reception. I know if you keep your hands on the crust you’ll keep them off my man – just kidding folks.

The children at the Fun Fair were also treated to a production by the local Armature Theatre Guild. They performed tragic scenes from various plays. The beheading of John the Baptist brought the crowd to their feet and kudos must go to Hank Grebly who did a fine job in the title role of that piece.


feeling frisky?

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“I built a boat”

A warm May night – patios overflowing with winter-whitened people happy to be in the sun. Who wants to spend time indoors listening to mumbly poets, whiney singers or watching comic burlesque? Well, let me tell you, Cabaret Noir reached out and filled the house with an eager crowd.

bag c c cold c c c olors

First feature was Nik Beat who succeeds in evoking smoky basement jazz cafes in a time when no one smokes in doors. He started with some poetry about fallen idols – Janis Joplin with her ‘corn textured hair’; Marilyn Monroe: ‘dark angel food cake.’ Then he picked up his guitar, joined on bass by Mike Ratt, for some songs. In ‘I made a God out of my Girlfriend’ he tells us ‘I made a god out of the way she gave head.’ In another he warns us ‘love but don’t fall in love’ even though he wanted to ‘be famous for falling in love.’ A great set.

purple p p p purple

After a quick set up Dottie Dangerfield (the Dame who puts the D in danger) hit the stage with fun, frisky comic burlesque routine. From cupcakes to tassels in less than four minutes it was a sweet sample of traditional tease that certainly left us wanting more.

iron i i i rony deficiency

Last up was Giraffe (Lynne Rafter and Mike Copley) with a bouncy set of original songs, full of their off-kilter harmonies, wry (but not bitter) observations of relationships, stardom and work life. Lots of fine lines ‘you had it all figured out now you have to stand down loveless’, ‘I built a boat to sail away from you.’  Noir Photos

Lizzie, planning ahead, has booked me for Cabaret Noir’s extra Noir October show.



Cute Rebels


look what they’ve done to the revolution

they’ve made it retro chic cute cunning

safety pins and tats for Barbie

there is no sting left in being a brat

saying fuck is just an attention getter

no one really reacts you say fuck the pope

or tell a bus drive to screw off asshole

verbal abuse is water off a duck’s back

no one give a shit

the revolution is old news old hat

been there done that

bought the designer rice fabric t-shirt

the special limited-edition running shoes

that got Oprah talking faster

that got mentioned in Jay’s opening monologue

saw a clip of the peak of the revolution

flash by in a Madonna video

who knew she was spokesperson for the revolution

because  we had so many high powered names

speaking out on our behalf

all those stars rockers politicians

were eager for a fresh start

time for a change

time to take down the wall of inequity

and replace them with transparency

that only the rich could afford

the poor had to keep hidden

they didn’t want revolution

any more than the rich did

but at least they were honest enough to admit it

in the end


once the mini series was over

we found the right blog to remind us

of what once could have been

the right sponsor to adopt some of the color scheme

we were safe again

not quite right back where we started

but comfortable happy

even a bit amused by the current revolution

those kids acting as if they’d invented the right way

to say fuck all this hypocrisy

we want change and we want it now

I know the feeling

but just like us

they don’t really know

what they want to change in to

if they knew

then we’d have a real revolution on our hands

polly p p p olly c c c old

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