Egg Trees 2022

As much as the various Christian churches have attempted to co-opt the pagan celebrations that existed before the creation of Christianity they have persisted. Easter is one of those co-opt attempts but much like Halloween it has remained rooted in its BC beginnings. I am happy to see all these homes happily displaying these Eostre devotionals.

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Egg Trees

Egg trees have been sprouting all around the east end. This is a growing spring holiday decorating that I love to see. This is another pagan festival that the Christian church hasn’t been able to obliterate. As far I know there were no hard-boiled eggs or rabbit pie at the Last Supper 🙂

festive hedge
hot magenta
happy dangle day
let’s get sticky
more danglers
someone left an egg out in the rain

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Growing up we had a frequent Sunday night family game with card games & board games. I don’t recall exactly when it started but may bother & sisters were included. We would play in the dining-room, which we rarely used for dining. The table was large enough & was usually clear of stuff. Card games were simple enough Hearts, Crazy 8s. I was told by my Dad not to try too hard to win to my siblings had a chance.

We graduated to Rummoli. I checked it out online & the fold out board is familiar but the rules for the various elements boggle the mind. I recall Cribbage mainly because keeping score was a pain. Gin Rummy was another but that too was a point counting challenge. I usually let someone else keep score for both.

Although we had Monopoly & Scrabble, the board games I recall best are Stock Ticker & Careers. Both were dice games with playing pieces. In Stock Ticker one bought & sold shares as they went up & down with rolls of the dice. The game had its own paper play money. It could go on forever, I think. Or maybe it was over when all the play money was gone or someone had gone bankrupt. The one with the most money was the winner.

Careers was a sort of Monopoly variation. Rolling dice. Moving your piece around the game board & landing on good or bad squares. There was also a form to fill in of what you wanted: fame, money etc. The winner was the one who first fulfilled what they filled in on their form. I was fond of going for all love or all fame as $ wasn’t as lasting 🙂

With the lockdown I hope more families are trying to this old school games. I have tried the computer/video versions of some of them but I like the simplicity of the hard copy 🙂 Card games are too fast even if the computer keeps score. The electronic sound of dice rolling or cards shuffling isn’t as satisfying. Besides you can’t ask the desktop to get you a sandwich while it’s up 🙂

(games photos sourced via yahoo images)

Eggs Rule

there were more eggs 

than the eye could see

they stretched from one door to the next

from one telephone pole to the next

balanced on electric wires

dangling from the tips of tree branches


eggs of all colors and sizes

robin’s blue so simple and pure

lumpen grey brown emu 

shells that couldn’t be cracked 

shells that cracked at a slight breeze

eggs in mailboxes on street corners

rolling around with nothing to do

aimless without purpose

loitering without intent


eggs looking to be scrambled

to be fried by the right pair of eyes

the temptation to let them all hatch

had to be resisted

too many feathers

the gritty remains of shells under foot 

was irritating enough without 

moulting and feathers in the equation

feathers that held microbes mites diseases

eggs were harmless

as long as they remain intact

it was hard to avoid them


eggs on the subway

leaning over your shoulder 

hinting they wanted to sit down

trying to nestle in your pockets

for warm incubation

eggs on tv telling 

newsmen what to say

controlling the weather

refusing you a loan at the bank

spinning dizzy

at any hint of being interested 

in anything you say against them


eggs rule the world now

we might as well accept that

put down that spatula

don’t go near that whisk

eggs are in control

so surrender

this is their world now

it always was

we have been forced out of denial

the truth can finally be told


eggs invited the light bulb

made the first Atantic crossing

landed on the moon

all history books are to be revised

to reveal the awful inadequacy of humans

in the face of facts

that showed our greedy eagerness 

to hog all the fame acclaim glory

that belongs soley to the egg

the egg that wrote the ninth symphony 

the gg that found the first the rose

the egg that invented the book of love

and now wants 

to tear out all the pages

wants to break our hearts

to serve them sunny side up

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Midnight Movies Madness

This mp3 compilation is devoted to soundtracks & music related to soundtracks. On it are Midnight Cowboy – John Barry: Nilsson, Elephant’s Memory; Zabriskie Point (Expanded) Pink Floyd, Jerry Garcia; Zachariah – James Gang, New York Rock’n’Roll Ensemble; Batman & Robin: Sun Ra; New York Rock’n’Roll Ensemble: Reflections, Manos Hatzidakis; Billy Ocean: Love Zone: When The Going Gets Tough; Ghostbusters.

The last time I tired to watch Midnight Cowboy I couldn’t sit through it. Hoffman’s twitchy performance irritated me, but the music is great. The bulk of it, by soundtrack specialist John Barry, is fine. But Nilsson’s Everybody’s Talking To Me out-shines all of it & the harmonica reprise emotionally appealing. Elephant’s Memory’s songs are proto-psychedelic fun. Yes, they later backed up John & Yoko. 

I will never forget seeing the slow-motion house debris floating to Pink Floyd’s music in Michelangelo Antonioni’s Zabriskie Point. The bizarre desert love scene to Jerry Garcia’s music is memorable too. Here I have the expanded version of the soundtrack that has more of the Garcia, Floyd & unused music commissioned for the soundtrack. A strange, counterculture film with an amazing soundtrack. I do have the dvd of the film.

Another counterculture film is Zachariah (written by The Firesign Theatre.) An anachronistic, hippy,  western parody that opens with the James Gang playing on the horizon; New York Rock Ensemble appear playing a number in the bordello scene. The plot is secondary to the gonzo film making. Great music, a fun soundtrack that also includes dialogue from the film – which I haven’t seen since it was released, not even on TCM. 

Speaking of the New York Rock Ensemble I have their Reflections with music by Manos Hatzidakis. The movie connection is Manos Hatzidakis who got an Oscar nomination for ‘Never On A Sunday.’ The Ensemble are a Juilliard trained string quartet who become a rock band combining both (before ELO did similar). Reflections is a sweet collection of songs more chamber rock than anything else. Well worth your searching out.

I downloaded this Batman and Robin music because it was performed by the great Sun Ra. Solid jazz work & fun.  Billy Ocean’s Love Zone, features When the Going Gets Tough – a song from ‘The Jewel Of The Nile.’ Ghostbusters was a huge seller thanks to Ray Parker Jr.’s iconic title song refrain ‘I ain’t ‘fraid of no ghost.’


“They found another elbow in the park.”

My mother was doing something to eggs on the stove. The scrape of the spatula dull on the frying pan as if she wasn’t fully paying attention to anything. 

“I said they found …”

“Human remains. I heard you dear. I’m afraid they have to be scrambled.”

I hated scrambled eggs. I would cook my own breakfast but even when I started she would hover then take over as if she was doing me a favour, saying something like “Boys shouldn’t cook.”

“Left or right?” She asked.


“The elbow, was it left or right.”

“I didn’t hear.” The eggs were a yellow clump with browned edges. “That makes the the forth or fifth this month.”

“Soon they’ll hav enough for a whole body.” My mother sort of half laughed. “How are the eggs.”


“Can that tell much anyway?” She sat, stirred her coffee. “After all it’s just an elbow joint isn’t it.”

“Yep.” The eggs were fine. “Severed clean. I think there’s enough for them to tell it’s an elbow from the the way the joint moves.”

“Ooo.” My mother shuddered. “Gives me the creeps to think of an elbow like that, of some csi guy manipulating with their hands.”

She manipulated an invisible elbow in the air over her coffee cup. 

“Would it squeak like a rusty door, I wonder?” She made a weird squeak with her voice. 


We both laughed. I finished my eggs.

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I Did It

I Did It


I wasn’t a star pupil 

I lost to a cheater

I was mocked for being fat

I wasn’t good enough

I saw what I shouldn’t

I was put in a closet under the stairs

I was always picked last

I was misunderstood

I was shamed

I was bored

I was the wrong colour

I wanted to see if I could get away with it

they were vulnerable

they deserved it

it was their fault

they were sinful

I had to punish them

the Bible told me to

voices in my head said it was right

I had the opportunity so took it

I was forced to

I just felt like it

I was entitled 

they disagreed with me

I did it to get even

to get famous

to teach them a lesson

to make a statement

to find out what it felt like

to be President

I did it

to have something confess

so I could say

I did something

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