#FanExpo 2016

02expo16I came, I walked, I shopped 🙂 I saw celebs (from a distance) even took a long shot of the real stars of AmHor Freakshow. But the only tee I ended up with was the official Expo limited (to how many they could sell) tee-shirt. Two hours Thursday, three hours Friday & I pretty much had my fill of dodging bay carriages, cosplay impromptu photo session in the middle of narrow retail aisles. By 1 pm Friday even shopping became a hazard as it was impossible to stop long enough in front of a spot to buy something with the pressure of people pushing you along so they could also not buy something.03expo16The scariest part (so far) was the continuing mess at Union Station. I hear it’ll be ready for the next Olympics in Toronto. I’m surprised no one has used it yet as set for their low-budget slasher film. all those hoardings are ripe for blood spatter & the newly narrower platforms are perfect for that accidental nudge.04expo16New FanExpo trends: customized hard-shell luggage – with logos & colours of your fave: Wonder Woman, My Little Pony, Iron Man – you get the picture. I’m sure it make it easier to spot on a luggage carousel but calls even more attention to it than you might want. Other trend: mystery boxes only $35 for $50 worth of merchandise – come on! Now if it were $35 for $100 worth of crap that hasn’t been sold for the past year I might think yeah.01expo16The horror zone – or should I call it Game Of Thrones Central (since when is Thrones horror anyway?) – was over run with swords & a heaping helping of Walking Dead. I suppose there is no other current horror franchise – more American Horror Show would have been great to see there – HMV didn’t even have the box sets of past seasons, wtf. Each year it becomes harder to find ‘old school’ – too much Hunger Games & no Bride of Frankenstein.05expo16I did annoy several of the comic book retailers by asking if they had any Katy Keene – one of them did know who it was. Not that expected her to show up here anyway. I did buy another Godzilla action figure – travel size this time 🙂 (http://wp.me/p1RtxU-16x)

rough draft sample

The Scope of Things

Dave got a telescope for his thirteenth birthday

it needed a tripod to hold it up

if the screws weren’t tight enough

the heavy head would drift down

he showed me how to focus on stars

the faces of the moon

people’s roofs living rooms

to see what they were watching on TV

prying spying was sneaky fun

when we looked at the Milky Way

I would hum the Star Trek theme

we made notes of constellations nebulas

when we came to Earth

we had no guides for these creatures

we observed from our ufo

as it hovered unseen over their homes

peering into their windows

as they shuffled from living room to kitchen

sat on the floor to eat chocolate ice cream

directly from the carton

scratched their private parts

which was about as exciting

as those dull Earthlings ever got

never found an open bedroom curtain

for some flash of undressed flesh

for my thirteenth birthday

I got a microscope

to prepare me for science in school

I made slides of hair spit

Dave and I took turns looking at trapped squiggles

water had uncountable live darters

snot was creepy

our shit swarmed with so many  things

I had to wash and wash afterward

we tried the microscope through the telescope

puzzled by things so far

we couldn’t touch them

so small we couldn’t feel them

wondering where did we fit in


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Dead of Summer


Dead of Summer


Donnie Aucoin was twelve

he died swimming

his dad explained Donnie was where

he could swim as much as he wanted

Ellie Buckland

went to the hospital

she was anemic or something

she faded away

the teacher told us

Ellie was now in Strawberry Fields

she was eleven

Frankie Cameron, also eleven

visiting his grandmother in Toronto

was hit by a car

I don’t know where he went

Toronto seemed far enough away

that’s when I first wanted to die

so my parents would say

what a great fun kid I was

that everyone liked me

that I would be missed

no more school

no more homework

my dad wouldn’t get angry at me

for forgetting to take out the garbage

no one could pick on me

in bed on summer nights

smelling lilacs across the street

I’d pretend how wonderful it would be

in that cozy coffin

everyone would come up to my silver coffin

see my head on the gold satin pillow

look at my sweet little face

be sorry for not asking me to Jamie’s party

for making me stay after class

for knocking the hamster cage over

which I didn’t

but I’m not going to rat out who did

and he would feel so sorry

he wasn’t a better friend

when I took the blame

he’d tell Mrs. Butterworth

he had been the one

she would come over to my little coffin

put her warm hand on my cool cheek

tell me how sorry she was

then give me one of the peppermints

she kept in her desk

before I knew it I would be asleep

disappointed when I awoke


to remember

I forgot to take out the garbage


tree tree fall

This was written for a Coffehouse Cabaret (remember them) at the Renaissance Cafe. They did regular musical theme nights: Delta Blues, Bob Dylan & others. Musicians were encouraged to do cover versions. I wrote some about or inspired by the theme style or band.

So I have pieces about the Doors, Dylan, Neil Young and more as a result. I’d usually read something by the band – for the Beatles I read In My Life – one of my favourite Beatle lyrics.

pumpkins it’s that time of year again

If you missed it ‘strawberry fields’ is the Beatles reference. Strawberry Fields, which for some I reason I thought was a cemetery, turns out to be a children’s home near where Lennon grew up, either made it logical for this nostalgic look back at kids in my life.

The names are real enough but composites of names I remember – some of the deaths are real but often I had no names to put with them – like the boy who got killed by a car. I did have a teacher named Butterworth though. Not sure if she kept anything in her desk.

bike crushed 0 speed bike

I did attended a summer funeral too – but for the mother of a boy I knew. The death fantasy may have sprung from her open coffin but it was one I entertained from time to time. Right down how much people would be sorry they’d been so mean to me. I did often forget to take out the garbage too – yet another of my constant disappointments for my Dad.


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stats copyBrazil #3 !! Olá – deixa-me cair uma linha

#FanExpoCanada 2014 first day

Did things a little different for FanExpo this year. past years I’ve gotten down to the Convention Centre by 11:30 to be in the line up for the 2 pm opening. There is some line-up community atmosphere but the sun and standing makes that atmosphere less appealing as I get older. Last year I had portable stool – fine in line by a pain to tote around all day.

expoblog01 lights, my camera, no action

So I opted to arrived around 1:30 by which time they had start to let the line-ups in. In fact there was no premium pass line up by the time I arrived. Less to carry meant more space for shopping once I picked up my official t-shirt & premium pass swag bag. The swag isn’t as good at Bloody Words, but good enough. Loved the Star Wars lunch pail.

expoblog02 snow bite & various dwarves

The first day is my walk around, maybe pick up a few things – I’m on the hunt for American Vampire 4 & 6. Didn’t find either 😦 ‘Oh we left that at the shop’ doesn’t cut it. I made myself take more pictures – this year I would snap a Spiderman taking a piss, I was too shy last year. But I aim to avoid those, by now generic, cosplay snaps.

expoblog03lego batcycle

Crowd flow was good for the few hours I was there. Union Station is hell though – I’ll give it miss Friday by getting off at St. Andrew’s & walking down. On the way home I got into conversations with people about the official Expo bag I was now carrying.

Day Two I’ll go through Indie Alley, see what celebs I can catch signing autographs with my telephoto lens, plus lots of cosplayers everywhere shunning us shutter bugs (as if). I’ll have my eye open for those American Vampire books, drop by a ChiZine, hunt for some Tartan Asia that I haven’t seen.

More pics here


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The Killer In The Morning


with a shout the killer awoke

from a dream

someone smothering him

a pillow over his face

he’d never use a pillow

or anything that hid the face

the best part of the kill

was in the eyes

that I can’t believe you are doing this

combined with the actual pain

as his hands crushed the wind pipe


hollow bones in his strong hands

he could crush an apple

the hardest granny smith

he’d hold it up so juice splashed his face

like a warm summer shower

cleaned and ready

the killer sat at his kitchen table

looked out at the sunny day

at people on their way to death

death at his hands

maybe not right now but soon

sooner than they expect

at least one of them would die today

he knew that

the knowledge armed him

gave him power

gave him a reason to live

to be there amongst them

each of them ripe for his desires

the headlines no longer cowed them

they had little fear

a killing a day

the papers screamed who will be next

the tv clatter box went on and on

flashed from his latest victim

to breakfast cereals

that would help you lose weight

ha he laughed to himself

I have a program

that’ll give you a permanent weight loss

don’t bother calling

I’ll find you today

it is a good day to die


the bat in the hat

#NaNoWriMo and Crazy Circles

Even with my last two nano novels in various stages of editing I can’t keep from thinking about this year’s model. The other’s were started pretty much from scratch. This year I’m considering go back to two novels I started at various times and have put aside.

cone warning – plot holes

One was started when I took Caro Soles novel writing course at George Brown – so far in the past I can’t even find any remnants of it on various computer files, back-ups or even print-outs. If there are print-outs they’d be dot matrix. Yikes – almost as hard to read as my handwriting.

Over the summer I’ve searched for this start – through old note books, old piles of print-outs & not a shred has been found. The plot is quite intact in my brain mind you but I have no recollection of character names.

wreath2 winter wreath

One of the reasons I put it aside was a push in the class to build a present day family crisis for my hero to balance the crime he was caught up in. I found that family business too mundane to stick with but it got me bogged down, so I gave up on the novel altogether. Plus I knew who did it & why.

So I may resurrect it and do what the fuck I want to with the plot for the nano experience & then if I feel I need that family turmoil bs I may tackle it once more. The hero would be ideal for a series as well – a forensic document expert primarily dealing with photographic evidence –

scribbler can I steal this for my nano notes

Because it helps when it’s all relative, his first case leads him into his past when I spots, on a TV show about cold cases, an old photo of himself & another boy – the boy is one of several children who disappeared around the time the photo was taken.


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expo superslice Super snacks fanexpo 2013

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in ransacking my archives I came across a notebook from July 1981 – this piece was in it:

Crazy Circles

He spun in a slow circle in time to the curve of violin, his good arm controlling the speed & his good leg controlling the direction. The hot July sun glinted off the chrome of his wheel chair as he glided easily around the potted plants on the terrace.

The other patients resented him, or rather, resented the sounds of him. The brief curve of violin merely introduced a throb of rock blasted at nearly top volume on his radio. The volume matched, or is it betrayed, what I assumed to be his inner rage. Bitterness instead of courage.

Blue gym shorts & a cast on his foot was all he had on. The rest of his body brown from what must have been many previous days of wheeling in the sun. It was a [good] strong body, firm, healthy, despite the obvious flaws. His left arm ending just below the elbow – it looked more like a defect, an incomplete part, rather than something lost in an accident.

I wanted to stop looking at him but the volume of his radio kept pulling my eyes back to the flex of his muscles as he spun another crazy circle in the sun.

goggles google goggles


Another Day @FanExpoCanada 2013


Day two of Expo was fine until the invasion of the baby strollers. It can be hard enough to avoid cosplay swords, capes and gown hems without having to dodge baby carriages at the same time 🙂 after a stop at Starbucks for a coffee & an oat fudge bar, I arrived by 11. No lineups and great crowd flow. By noon it was getting packed. After a while I couldn’t tell where cosplay ended and street wear began.

live action figures
live action figures

Bought some tee-shirts, added another Archie exclusive to my gallery. Had an ice cream. Took some pics. I like splitting the exhibition areas into two spots – north and south – it did create more space in each. Moving from one to the other was smooth as well. The SportExpo was in the north area as well the autographs. This kept fan line ups from taking over as they did in past years. The walkway to the north also allowed for a fun photo op.

not a plushie
not a plushie

Things to keep in mind – never stop at the top or bottom of an escalator to orient yourself & then get pissed because people bump into you. Sitting alone at a table for 8 doesn’t give you possession of the other seven chairs – don’t get miffed if someone else wants to sit there. Don’t get miffed if you can’t get a clear cosplay photo because the swarms of cell phoners taking pictures too.


Much like 2012 I enjoyed my two days at Expo, was glad to get home & take off my shoes. But 2 days is more than enough for me. But I could be talked into another day if anyone’s interested in braving the Sunday crowds.

my coming attractions





writing sample
writing sample

Life Everlasting

death wants to get laid – simple as that

each time someone is willing to comply

they die

so death never gets laid

leaving death unfulfilled

frustration rules each encounter

disappointed by thousands at a time

pleasure is no longer expected

death has a big load to shoot

a geyser a volcano

to make the atomic bomb a firecracker

death’s orgasm will black the sun

cast a shadow over the world

but once he comes he will be gone

that’s right once death gets

that longed craved for satisfaction

he’ll leave us alone

gone – b’bye

there will be no more death

just life everlasting

I am caught on the balance

of doing it for the human race

while knowing it can’t be done

that as willing as I am to

to stroke the engorged member of death

I know that it’ll be my demise

I have no choice

eventually death will give opportunity

for me to do the bump and grind

that gets us both sweating to the point of surrender

but before death can get release

I’ll die

though I could be the one

that makes death come

the odds aren’t in my favor

the invitation into death’s bed

often comes when we least expect it

riding in a car

walking down the stairs

asleep at night

working at keeping our bodies healthy

eating enough anti-free-radicals

that one should be getting younger

not older

all this done

to make us ripe and ready

for that wild date

at least we know

death will bring flowers

expo01 2013 milling around