Christmas Trees

These well-hung trees are all east end Toronto. Some are in public parks so have city money behind them. Some are homes on side streets. Some are one colour, most are multi-coloured. Personally I prefer colour. All are amazing.

Joyeux Noël ! Feliz navidad ! ! مرری کریستمس ! 圣诞快乐 ! メリークリスマス!

Alexander Park at corner of Danforth & Logan
East Lynn Park – Danforth near Woodbine
blue & white – colours of Greek flag
East York Civic Centre on Coxwell
Withrow Park
Alexander Park at corner of Danforth & Logan

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Festive Lights

most of which have since been taken down 🙂


be-lighted trees

East York Civic Centre

close up East York Civic Centre

rainbow snake

a bit restrained

well strung tree

chez moi

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My seasonal decorating trunk is a box of memories – which is what most people’s Christmas trunk is filled with – not all of mine are treasured object from the distant past though. Most are ‘recent,’ that is, from the last twenty years or less. I do have a few from my Cape Breton home though. 

One is this fun stocking with my name printed on it by my father. I recognize his writing. I can’t say that this isn’t even from before we moved to Cape Breton – it could be from when I was growing in Winnipeg because I have no actually memory of it. My sister found it in my mother’s accumulation and sent to me a few years ago.

I was stunned to get it & even was more shocked to have no real memory of when it was first hung anywhere. It’s felt with glued on appliqués; the sides are glued together. It might have hung by a chimney as there is some sooty finger prints on it. Or my hands just might have been dirty 🙂 The corn sticker is my own childhood add on, it does have a tiny resonance in my memory. I love having it & hanging it every year in my living room. I love the train engine.

The card is the last one my mother sent me before she passed away. I don’t have one from father as he had died unexpectedly the previous year early in December. When he was alive I got a card signed by both of them. It joins my Christmas cards every year. We spoke on the phone frequently so her written message was brief.

So, as you can tell I do take after my mother a little – being a bit of a memory pack rat.