Green Ravine May 03.2020

Took my monthly walk through the Williamson Ravine earlier this month. Spring has sprung thanks to rain & sun. The first day this year I wore shorts. Social distancing not to difficult. Kids love any excuse to jump in the water 🙂

leaves eager to rustle

Small’s Creek bubbling

mossy tinder brick

the will to live & grow

swampy green

Small’s Creek bubbling cauldron of green

ready to bloom

swampy green

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Toronto Ghosts

Sometimes when a store closes it leaves a ghostly stain. These are all eastend Toronto, most along the Danforth & one at Coxwell/Gerrard St.

Wongs was a camera shop near Broadview – the window had a display of antique cameras

Crossroads was empty (& still is) for decades. It recently was gutted but still remain unoccupied. I was sorry to see this faux Tudor facade finally disappear.The building between it & Gerrard Pizza has been made over riot a daycare. Oh yes Gerrard Pizza is now closed.

close up of the Crossroads wonderful diamond leaded glass.

some signs are so iconic even painting over doesn’t disguise them. This was a busy Coffee Time at the corner of Coxwell/Gerrard E that closed overnight. it remains unleased two years later.

optometrist at the corner of Danforth/Coxwell that I didn’t even realize was gone so I don’t know how it’s been for lease

Let’s talk about this place about a two years then closed overnight – access denied

Tim’s at Danforth/Logan. Always busy it unexpectedly closed overnight a few years ago & the location remains empty.

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