Pokemon – Vegan?

Made it out to Mountains & Molehills  at the Free Times on Tuesday night. What a treat it is to have daylight after 5 pm 🙂 even better, still daylight when I left at 8. Host Dan Curtis Thompson put tighter another night of fun, funny and skilled performers.


glass table

The open stage is often as educational as it is entertaining. I learned never take your eyes of the road while cat-calling a babe’s hot ass; ‘I have a lot of trouble relating to kids my age because I am more racist.’ ‘In the world of Pokemon there are no chickens or other animals.’ (are they vegan)’My breath gets shallow like water nothing can swim in.’ Straight guys often get girlfriends just so their parents won’t think they are gay.

First feature was Daniel Williston with a classic story teller story  set in Moose Jaw – ‘the land is so flat people can watch you run away for two days.’ He incorporated horror movie tropes: the scarecrow that appears then disappears, a thick rolling fog, a tinted-windshield car that follows you, mysterious messages from led read outs – into a tale of drunken growing up in a small town.


glass table

Next up what Camille Côté with more of a stand up set around a break up than story telling – no complaints from the audience though. The break up was like a very slow-mo car crash, so slow she could have got out and walked away with no trouble but stuck in any way. ‘No amount of 11 11 wishes will make a bad relationship better.’ Funny without relying on punchlines it was a strong set.


glass table reflections

Last feature Kyle Lucey – must have enjoyed Camille’s cock size jokes as he had a bit of trouble ‘adjusting’ himself before he started. Another more stand-up, than a story telling, set, themed around growing up poor in Canada. ‘Has anyone here lived in a van?’ Loopy logic held the set together, for me, and again I like comics who don’t need punch lines to get laughs. ‘I need a woman in my life. Be my mom.’ Another strong set.


Dan’s pic of me on the open stage:

A Walk in the Park

I was walking though the park

eyes open for dog shit

I turn a corner and there is this couple

female splayed on a picnic table

a man on his knees between her legs

she moaning pushing his head deeper

his hairy ass bare in the sun


her eyes catch mine

I can’t tell if the expression

is pleasure    invitation    dare

or what the fuck are you looking at


he stands and half turns

cock flashing in crisp light

she licks her lips

I keep going   that image in my mind

his jeans crumpled below his knees

her panties around one ankle

their faces gleaming    beaming


what brought them to that place and time

were they walking along

so aroused they had to have each other

or a couple who needed an audience

to take them to another level of orgasm

or was she a working girl

and didn’t care where she made a buck


when I doubled back

all that remained

was a pair of panties




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