Emotional Extremities

Emotional Extremities

these aren’t my hands

I don’t know

whose they are

at least they match

unlike my feet

one is size 12

the other is size 10

so you can’t judge

the size of my hidden extremities

by my feet

or this nose

at least it’s in the centre of this face

this time

even if it isn’t the nose

that goes with this face


I think my legs match

in length

though one is hairier

than the other


when these hands

touch you

this brain

doesn’t know who it feels

what this emotion is

but there is a change

in my hidden extremity

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How Deep Is My Love


How Deep Is My Love

my love is deeper than


deeper than

the gap between fantasy and reality

deeper than

what we all thought the 60’s meant

my love for you is longer than

the time between

knowing it isn’t working and ending it

longer than

the blue ray reissue of

the complete Lord of the Ring cycle

with all the commentaries

extra features and what ever

those orc damned easter eggs are hiding

I love you more than

these shoes look great on me

my love is more hopeful than

an overflowing recycling bin

my love for you is longer than

the arm of the law

holding that restraining order

than can never stop me

from wanting just one more chance baby

please please just one more chance

my love for you is purer than

the water in the bottle of rapidly disappearing Antarctic ice flow melted

so you could have a sip and throw it away

my love is harder

than peanut brittle

under the North Pole moon

my love for you is purer than

a dream

purer than

how you felt before

you knew the difference between

a pubic hair and a care bear

my love for you is stronger than

the tang of burned expresso

with a flavour shot of vanilla

to cover that weird under taste

my love for you is stronger than

your need to make a fool of me

every chance you get

my love for you is

no longer the crime it once was


fence gallery 4/9

This is another slam inspired piece. One of the almost compulsory slam poems is a ‘how much I love you’ structure. Images get more & more bombastic and emotive as they roll of the tongue. Points get given for random pop song references (see title), cinema (see Lord of the Rings), technology (Blue Ray).

fence gallery 5/9

So I start off Nietzsche knees deep. Why Nietzsche? Because Dostoyevsky is too much trouble to type & not as pretentious. He leads perfectly to the idealist 60’s. Radom thing popped in to my head in the first draft and I kept some, made sure the sequence had a flow that become either more romantic or absurd.

Sadly I know people of bother genders who feel ignoring a restraining order is the real proof of love. Not the same ones who think the content of recycle bins actual gets recycled or that bottled water is good for the environment.


fence gallery 6/9

I enjoy performing this piece – it gets laughs were I expect it & knowing nods in other parts. Then that ending sneaks in – reminding people that same sex love was a prison once offence (& still is in some places).


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