Rolling Rrrs

I’ve paired Carl Reinecke (1824-1910) German with Jean-Baptiste Krumpholz (1742-1790) Czech  for couple of harp concertos that are lp to cd transfers of MHS recordings. Both are charming, relaxing & at the same time playful. Different eras but, for me, they flow into each other nicely. I love harp music – my favourite being Mozart’s Concerto for Harp & Flute. These are delights.

Rolling along the r’s is Italian Ottorino Respighi (1879-1936) Fountains/Pines of Rome & other orchestral work. As the titles might indicate these are impressionistic pieces. Some imitate, others suggest things like wind in the pines, birds songs, water splashing. Sections show up on 100 most relaxing classical music compilations. Meditative & relaxing they make good background music.

I was drawn by the cover of the the cd for Silvestre Revueltas (1899-1940) Night of the Mayas. Solid black with the title in white. Tilting it I saw that the black was embossed with a day of the dead figure & I had to have it. Revueltas is considered one of Mexico’s greatest composers – I had never heard of him before – its not as if the western cannon of  classical music is limited to caucasian composers.

I  eventually added to an mp3 collection – Troka (orchestral pieces); & his String Quartets. The music is compelling, not at all what I expected in its lack of sentimentality but it does, at times, have an eeriness I enjoy. Folk melodies are woven in but not forced or patriotic. The work is modern classical so at time a but sonorous. The string quartets are emotional but also without the romantic sentimentality, say of Tchaikovsky. 

If you want a break from the European domination of classical music Revueltas is a good place to start. 


“I always wondered why those guys got off?”

“What guys?” My dad put his paper down.

“You know, Donaldson and Hanson who they arrested for beating Mr. Razov. It was all over the paper than suddenly nothing. Seemed like they got away with it.”

“I guess there wasn’t enough evidence to press charges. Something like that. Its’ all so long ago now anyway.’

‘“Yeah but it just disappeared, you know, nothing in the papers after they were picked up. You’d think there would have a statement about charges being dropped.”

“Probably wasn’t a hot new item anymore.” My mother put some dishes in a wash basin. “Going to have to take these down to the laundry room to wash. How much longer before the new sink is ready?”

The doorbell rang. 

“Should be them now.” My Dad got up and let the plumbers in.

I immediately recognized Jim Donaldson. 

“You remember … what was his name?” 

My mother asked me as the plumbers put their tool boxes down. 

“Victor Hanson.”

“Oh yeah.” Jim reached out to shake my hand. “Keeping well? Heard to get a good job in the big smoke.” He half laughed. “Down home for awhile.”

“Just a a couple of weeks. Sad about Mr. Razov.” I watched his face for some reaction.

“Razov? Oh, yeah. Here let me help you with that.”

Two of workers were bringing the dishwasher through the back door.

“Let’s go into the living room. Leave these guys to their work.” My Dad patted me shoulder. “I’m sure these guys don’t need an audience.”

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Sergei Prokofiev (1891-1953), is best known for a short movement in his Romeo & Juliette ballet suite, which I do have but was never that taken by. I have a double cd collection of The 5 Piano Concertos. As well as an 8.8 hr mp3 collection that includes his Complete Piano Sonatas, Complete Symphonies, & the Ballet Suites: The Buffoon, Love For Three Oranges, Waltz Suite, Romeo & Juliette.


At one time I had the Piano Sonatas as a MHS box set & an lp of one of the concertos. I upgraded to the Sonatas mp3 & found a double cd set of the Piano Concertos. I love piano music & Prokofiev straddles the gap between romantic & modern nicely. Not as lushly melodramatic as Tchaikovsky the concertos are excellent, the sonatas are emotional, lyrical but with a more mathematic sense of structure – not as florid as Chopin.

The Symphonies, which I have as mp3, become more modern & sweeping like Shostakovich but not as dissonant. Like many Russian composers Prokofiev makes use of stirring Russian folks songs that us delightful, somewhat patriotic & satisfying. If you are unfamiliar start with the piano concertos.


One thing I enjoy about many of many eastern European composers is the use of their folk melodies to create amazing, emotionally commanding music that even without being from there myself I am filled with a sense of losing & nostalgia. I have found little North American classical music does that to me. Is there an epic, sweeping symphony based on, say, Native American musical themes?


“Apples bin Irish peace.”

“Yes. Go on.”

“I can’t think of anything more.”

Dr. Clarke put down his pen. “I see.”

“Is that a problem?”

“I don’t know. You tell me?”

“I wish I could think of more. Really. Sometimes my mind just goes blank … or so many things flash that I can’t grab them all. Don’t know which ones to say and as I start saying them the others darken. Disappear. Blank. I’m left with a blank.”

“That can happen. Try to relax. Green?”

“Peace. Did I say that already? I’m so afraid of repeating myself that I can’t think of anything to say. Nothing comes to me. I want to go.”

“You can leave anytime. If you want to get well you have to try harder.”

“I don’t see how this helps.”

“It helps me to find patterns of thinking. What does peace mean to you?”

“Peace? I’ve never thought about peace. Really. I guess it means like gardens and butterflies. Quiet. No, maybe some birds singing. Yeah and kittens chasing the butterflies around. Yeah, that’s what peace means to me.’

“That’s a postcard picture of peace but go deeper than a picture.”

“Peace isn’t perfection, is it? that’s what you want to me say isn’t it. Peace is impossible, it only exists in my imagination not in the world out there. There is no peace. Never ever going to be peace. Peace would be boring as fuck anyway. You know that, don’t you? Impossible.”

“Take a breath. That’s not what I mean but peace has a cost. In your picture who mows the lawn? Who plants the flowers? Peace isn’t an abstract thing.”

“I’m never going to get well, am I”

“Ready for the next word?”



Thursday January 23 – Hot Damn! It’s Queer Slam – Buddies and Bad Times Theatre – featuring ‘Yes The Poet’ 

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All’s Well That Ends Well – Stratford Festival

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Locatelli Lully Plus

On my classical shelf  are three cds of lps to cd transfers all from MHS recordings. The first of which is Jan of Lublin: Tablature and Introduction to Medieval  & Renaissance Music. For decades I thought Lublin was the composer’s last name, but it where he is from. These are transcriptions from organ music to guitar. I don’t have my original lp so have no idea who did these transcriptions or who is playing the guitar. I didn’t realize these were originally organ music until I tried to get more & all I could find where organ pieces – even then they were scattered. There was no one lp of the organ music.

Jan is a renaissance composer & I first heard a piece  of his on the MHS compilation Introduction to Medieval  & Renaissance Music. I love these Introduction lps for the range and quality of the music. All selected from MHS releases – so it was easy to track down the Lublin. Good luck on finding these transcription but they are well worth having.

Another composer I first heard on an MHS compilation was Pietro Locatelli. here I have his music for  Flute and Guitar; Two Violins; Oboe and Guitar; Two Flutes; along with Johan Stamitz’s Flute Concerto. I love Renaissance flute music and these two composers wrote delightful, playful and sometime relaxing chamber music. The Locatelli was intended for living room entrainment in which the children would play his music. Life before radio.


The last is a pair of Baroque composers together on a cd of MHS lps: Jean-Baptiste Lully: Suites; Georg Philipp Telemann: Flute Trios. Lully was a French court composer & his music is sweet, a bit busy but charming. He also wrote a few operas that are still performed today. Telemann was a German court composer. Here I have a sonata of his flute trios which are soothing & also charming. I have more  Telemann but that can wait until I get to ’t.’

Just Start

‘I’ll start by explaining ….’

‘Why don’t you just say what you are going to say. Don’t explain it to me. just start.’

‘Yes, but …’

‘Just start and once you’ve done you can explain, if I don’t get it. Okay.’

Dave had an address to give the local PTA. Not often were gay fathers asked to address anyone expect lawyers and case workers, so he was rather nervous.

‘Ahem,’ he gave a little cough. ‘ Do you think this is what I should wear?’

‘Bad start, Dave. Don’t ask these parents what you should wear.’

‘Steve, that is not the start of my talk. I was asking you, if you thought this is what I should wear.’

White shirt, unbuttoned at the collar, black dress pants, black loafers. Neat and tidy.

‘I don’t know.’

‘What do you mean?’ He looked himself up and down.

‘Let’s see your undies. You can’t do this in those …’

‘You want to heard how I sound or what.’

‘Of course. I think you are worrying way too much. Those that get it will, and those that don’t, will never get it. It won’t matter how conservative you dress, how polished or even-handed you sound they’ll stop hearing you after you say homosexual or gay. So let’s hear it …’

‘Ahem,’ another throat cleaning. ‘I’m David Bradly and both my son and daughter are in classes at this school. Jan is in third grade and Cliff in sixth grade. They’ve both been here at Cedar Grove Public school for the past two years. …. Good so far?’

‘Yes. Go on.’

‘Do you think I need to tell them more, like how we came to move here, as opposed to staying in LA or …’

‘Yes, and while you are it, you might bring an overhead projection of our financial portfolio and notarized copies of our bank statements, as well.’

‘No, I just mean, I don’t want them to think we dropped in here out of the blue to invade their community.’

‘Dave, you know very well we aren’t the only gay couple in Cedar Grove.’

‘We aren’t?’

‘If you’d stop trying to fit us in like a normal hetero couple, you may have noticed. There’s the two women over on Green Crescent.’

‘Yes, but they don’t have any kids in this school. Do they?’

‘No. But one of them is on the town council.’
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Kuhlau to Takemitsu

This mp3 collection is filed under ‘K’ for Danish composer Friedrich Kuhlau. I have here his Elverhoj Overture/Concerti, Grand Duo Concertante for flutes. I had a MHS lp to cd transfer of his Grand Duo & figured it was time to upgrade to a clearer version & searched for more by him & found the Elverhoj. The flute music is charming chamber music in Mozart style. The Elverhoj is stirring, verging on Rossini – the concerti are romantic & sweeping.

Here to Andrei Krylov’s Bard Music Fantasy – a wonderful set of gothic & renaissance lute pieces ranging from Celtic sadness to French court music. Beautifully engineered this music is transporting without falling into the rut of new age banality.

More renaissance music comes from Jan of Lublin. I have a lp to cd transfer of a MHS lp of guitar music from The Tablature which I love & so I wanted more. I discovered that the Tablature was/is of organ music so I ended up with An Organ Evening in the Lublin Palace: funeral at time but charming & oddly relaxing. I never did find any of the organ to lute transcriptions though 😦


Finally to take a real leap are some pieces by Toru Takemitsu. A Japanese composer (influenced by John Cage) whom I discovered when I watched the film Face Of Another – I loved his percussive soundtrack & did an unsuccessful search for that soundtrack  but found some of his ‘serious’ works: Tree Line, Nostalghia, Tangled Flow some which was included in a recording of Dun’s Concerto For Pipa. This is all mid-20th century classical music. Worth seeking out if you want to broaden your music world view.  


Elisabeth Mae Johnston (1885-1968)… born in Surrey Count, Great Britain to Samuel Vernon Johnston MD and Marie LaFleur. Immigrated to Canada with her family in 1895. She studied first at Glendale Girls Academy where she excelled in arts and elocution. Elocution lead her to pursue a degree in law which proved to be her calling and despite the hopes of her family she pursued the legal and her artistic expression through out her life.

        One of the first female lawyers in Canada she devoted her legal time and attention the immigrant Chinese community in British Columbia. 

        She became known as Saint Amah of the Yellow. She was scorned and shunned by the white community for her work with non-whites but she remained stalwart in her dedicated to the causes of the new citizen.

        Her many painting and sculptures show a side of immigrant life few were privileged to see. The series of paintings of Chinese weddings and funerals reveal a rare glimpse into the lives of these people attempting to make a home for themselves in a strange country.

        Her legal offices were attacked and burned  more than once. On one occasion Asian Slut and Chinese Whore was painted across the building where her offices where. Elisabeth took that as inspiration for her most famed painting ‘Office of the Chinese Whore.’

        When she wasn’t dealing  with the immigration system she taught English and in return was taught techniques of Chinese calligraphy and painting. This made her one of the most informed Western practitioners of these arts and she also brought this to the white public.

        She never did marry. She claimed there was no time for romance with so much to be done for these poor unfortunates. 

        Her work has been exhibited around the world. In 1959 she became the first female appointed to the Canadian Supreme Court. In 1964 she was awarded the Governor General’s award for the Arts.

        For more information see Gwendolyn McVeedy’s biography: “The White Whore – the life of Elisabeth Mae Johnston”

(a reminder – this bio is fiction – there is, as far as I know, no Elisabeth Mae Johnston)

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Jolivet Chinese

Andre Jolivet is an amazing mid-20th-century genius whose music is at time as challenging as free jazz to get into (Heptade for trumpet and 6 percussionists), soothingly accessible (Incantations for solo flute) or out of this world (Concerto for Ondes Martenot). It was my love of sci/fi that brought Jolivet into my collection. The Ondes Martenot is the now cliche electronic warble used 50’s sci/fi movies. 

I was an avid Musical Heritage Society (MHS) member before I moved to Toronto. They offered a collection of Ondes Martenot that included Jolivet’s concerto. I loved it & bought from them another couple of lps. Fast forward to the more recent past when I felt it was time to up grade my lps to cd of his music to mp3. Low & behold iTunes offered a sweet box set that included more than I ever wanted but which I was delighted to have.

It includes his many concertos: Cello, harp, trumpet, flute, His music for flute is sublime, as his is writing for harp. He bridges romantic, dissonant, jazz textures and modern with work that is accessible even when it is sonically challenging it is always rewarding. 

One of Jolivet’s influences is clearly Chinese music so I opened this mp3 collection with Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra that does work like Nessun Dorma as well traditional fare like My Heart Is As Vast as the Sea. I close with with Shanghai Virtuosi & Xiaogu Zhu: China Beautiful Lady Hanfei – it sticks to traditional pieces such as the tile work & Flower Drum Dance of Fengyang. It’s always a delight to widen my musical world view. Try it you might like the view beyond Beethoven.


David stepped off the elevator. The hall to his apartment seemed endless, like a carpeted tunnel, a tube that he slid along to his door. 

He switched the letters he carried to his door opening hand. Letters! He rarely got real mail and was desperate to read the one from his sister but the elevator was full. 

Of the several things one didn’t do in crowded elevators opening mail was near the top.

He sat on his sofa and tore the envelope open.

‘Hi Dave:

It has been some time since I dropped you a line. I wish I had better news for you but I don’t. If Greg doesn’t smarten up I’ll be leaving him. I know Sal will be unhappy but we can’t stay here & live like this any longer.’

David laid the letter down. He could write the rest of it without reading it. The letter was dated nearly two weeks before the post mark so the situation wasn’t as dire as Nancy claimed. Plus she would have phoned.

He was hoping for news of his niece Sally. He scanned the rest but Sally’s name didn’t appear, only, in big letters, asshole several times. Such was married life. He was glad, in a way, that she had made that chose as it kept him from making the same one himself. She was duplicating their parents marriage.

TV didn’t look promising.  News was the same. Game shows changed people, clothes, lives and perceptions of reality. Ha! If only they could. Comedy that didn’t make him laugh, news was the same only with more cameras, news was the same, was the same.

Fortified by a real ski slope tragedy he went back to the letter but couldn’t take more than another sentence or two. He went to the last of it.

‘So if you could see it clear to let me us stay with you for a week or so I know I could pull things together.

Your sister Nancy.’

Stay here! With me! It would be a change but where would I put them. On the couch? When?

He read through the whole letter. This last paragraph looked like an add on, different ink.

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Debussy et La Mer

06-fab01My memory Claude Debussy goes back to a Readers Digest box set of classical composers – 10 lps? with Monet’s water lilies on the cover. Each side devoted to a different composer. The Debussy side was lush & I remember the Submerged Cathedral, orchestrated to include muffled church bells. I have never found that recording, don’t even know who the conductor was. But I did love Debussy’s watery impressionism.

Thanks to MHS I eventually had the complete piano music, string quartets on lps. Plus various sets of his orchestra music – La mer is amazing. Those lps have since been replaced. In my collection now I have Pellieas orche06-fab02stal suite/La Damoiselle elue; Cello Sonata/Chopin: Cello Trio; Flute Music; Orchestral Music 1 2; Piano Music 4 cds; Pelleas et Melisande: opera /; String Quartet.

Where to start. Some of these I had too really search for such as La Damoiselle elue or the Songs of Bilitis – pieces, I guess, for completists like myself. Others are orchestral warhorses like La mer, Apres-Midi. I have Gordon Fergus-Thompson’s recording of the complete piano music on 4 cds: sublime & relaxing. The Children Corner’s Suite is a delight. If I name check everything I’d have to list everything 🙂

06-fab03Some of his piano music has been orchestrated endlessly: Clair De Lune, Girl With The Flaxen Hair. I have a James Galway & Marisa Robles cd of the amazing music for flute & harp. Lush & transporting. I was given the lp box set of the opera Pelleas et Melisande & eventually found the same recording as mp3 for half the price.

Pelleas is in an mp3 collection along with two takes on Bilitis: one by Vera Zorina & one Dawn Upshaw in her Voices of Light cd. In the mp3 collection is also the stunning Snowpiercer soundtrack by Marco  Beltrtami; Hindemith’s Herodiade (another spoken pieces set to music); Shostakovich’s Jewish Folk Poetry. Finally George Auric’s eerie film music.

06-fab04I have a double CD set of orchestral music by performed by Dutoit & the Montreal Symphony: excellent. Recently added the Complete Orchestral music performed by Jean Martinon & Orchestre National Ortf. It duplicates some of the CD but these are the recordings I heard first & was happy to get this nearly 5 hour collection for $9.99 from iTunes!!

Finally his stunning String Quartet (frequnetky paired with with Ravel’s). Wait there’s more: an lp to cd transfer of my MHS recording of his Cello Sonata, Violin Sonata (that include Chopin’s Trio for cello). Lastly, but not filed here in the classical collection, is Tomita’s Snow Flake Are Dancing – these electronic versions are astonishing. So I am a fan.



The auditorium was filled with people. Not a random melee but an orderly ebb and flow of lines almost like a maze. Security would direct people to the right line.

Chatter filled the air. I wanted to stop to listen but never caught more than a world here and there:

‘my great-grandmother’s’ ‘wedding present from an uncle who had travelled in the Orient’ ‘bought at a yard sale’ ‘been in the family since the crack of dawn’ ‘would never part with it’ ‘it was in the house when we moved in’

Glimpses of real stories. As much as the snippets of lives I wanted more of, I also wanted to get at the objects – things people held that all looked much more interesting than my dusty old pitcher.

Old ladies clutching old teddy bears, smart young things with Lone Ranger lunch boxes, hefty men with long thin rifles, paintings wrapped in brown papers, albums of old photos, books in clear plastic. The very first Action Comic! Superman! My hero.

The lines moved forward faster than I might have expected. We were to go through a series of lesser inspects before we would deserve the bigger ones. If our object deserved the bigger ones that is. I felt like a fool with my old creamer. Pitcher. Never really knew what it was. Could have been a water ewer or even a vase. It had been used as just about everything in our home, in my Gran’s house she had grown flowers in it.

Now I would find out once and for all what it really was. A man in the shuffling line next to me had a large box of tinker toys. I didn’t feel so foolish.

The young lady behind the table took my pot and looked at it very closely, turned it over, shone a light inside, tapped it gently with a finger nail.

‘This is very interesting Mr. Grenwan. Very interesting. You follow that lady to the next level. They will be very happy with this.’

‘Uh thanks you.’

Suddenly I was afraid to hold the old pitcher. What if I dropped it before I could advance to the next level? I studied it carefully as I went to where I was directed. The surface enamel was all cracked over the odd raised flowers. I’d never really given those flowers much heed. Till now.

A fortune bloomed in my hands.



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10-snowlightNext on my classical shelf (well not next to each other as I’m skipping over Chopin for another post) – close to each other are cds of works by Chabrier; Cimarosa MHS; & Corelli MHS. All cd to lps transfers that I’m happy to keep as transfers. 10-snowgolfThe Chabrier is Espana: works for solo piano that includes his biggest hit España – his music derives from folk melodies, lush, romanic & energetic. Some is more familiar to us that you think – España is almost a cliche of what Spanish classical music is – almost as pervasive as Carmen. The influence of Debussy is subtle & appealing in these impressionistic pieces. Easy listening classical that isn’t dull.10-snowyardThe Cimarosa is a set of his harpsichord sonatas transferred from an MHS recording. Played on original instruments the sound is sweet, almost too sweet in fact. I can only take a couple of these at a time. It fills my need for solo harpsichord 🙂 Mostly face tempo, rippling & light. 10-snowgolfThe Corelli is another of my MHS transfers – a double lp of violin & continuo sonatas on two cds round out with a Mozart Piano Trio. These are pleasant Renaissance duets – easy listening, relaxing & sometimes sprightly. An easy starter composer for anyone who wants to explore beyond Vivaldi.sample


Glimpse Into the History of Medicine in the Age of Falfa

submitted by Br’thr Singa (Records)

The lack of records before the Age of Falfa has made research into the history of medicine and disease difficult. We do know of simple diseases such as cold, flues, cancer but beyond that there is nothing substantial.

Even these ailments no longer trouble us. We do have several type of rash to cope with but these are most amendable to the medications at hand.

The general complaints of muscle ache and over-all fatigue can be dealt with easily by the application of a poultice made from Temperate seeds. These, when chewed, will also invigorate the body to overcome momentary fatigue, though long term use of them is not recommended.

Seed pod casing can be soaked in rainwater and, when soft, applied directly to cuts or bruises. These will clear in minutes.

The casing can also be ground in to a fine dust, the finer the better, and this sprinkled upon lesions and deeper cuts to ensure prompt and scarless healing.

Spectrum Analysis of the casing has shown that the microbes it traps remain intact no matter how finely ground. It is this microorganism that causes the healing process. So far our scientists have been unable to extract these microbes from the falfa. They vanish without the plant protein to maintain them.

Falfa that has had its microbes removed suffers greatly as well. The seeds produced are not fully formed, plants from these seeds are weak, pale and sterile. Once exposed to the proper nutrients they do flourish.

Research is now being carried out on those who do not tend the falfa to see if they suffer as a consequence. To tend the falfa is a sacred calling, a scared calling that requires the tender to tend not only the falfa but all mankind.

As much as we are here to serve the falfa the f falfa is here to serve us.

The products made from falfa are distributed widely and freely to all who require it. So far nothing has been discovered by the dr’trs that does not respond completely to the healing power of falfa. Recently a br’ther who had suffered severe burns was healed within hours after immersion in a falfa oil bath.soon


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