#BloodyWords Part 2

Another great part of Bloody Words (BW) was meeting up with other writers. Over the years I’ve managed some solid friendships through BW & the Aubert Workshop. Even a couple of authors there who’ve I met through my spoken-word – who didn’t know I dabbled in mystery. Plus one writer who I knew when I was artistic director of Bushwack Theatre and ran the Lab on Britain Street. Reconnecting is a great way to balance off being an unknown in a sea of hundreds.

Betty Grable graces this poster

I had opportunity to talk with several people about what I call ‘the wave of the present’ – the rapid growth of ePub. I recently read where qualified voters for the Hugo awards would be given all the nominated materials in e format. No paper. It would be super if BW could manage to do that with the books that stuff the gift bags – imagine a flash drive with ten to twelve books on it. We could save an inch of the rain forest.

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It came up that it should be easier to get ebooks for cash. Unless someone gives you a gift card you need a credit card to make online purchases. I could not have brought my Kindle to BW – paid a writer $4.99 cash & downloaded the book right then and there. If indie book stores want to survive they have to figure out a way to do this – even as Amazon affiliates, if that’s what it takes – mind you, no one is thrilled by the choke hold Amazon, Indigo & Apple have on e-product. I’m sure the technology exists for a point of purchase cash process.

A tip of the hat to the organizers of BW – Caro Soles & Cheryl Freedman – who ran a great conference – with some able help from ‘the bloody gang’ – I enjoyed chatting with Peggy Perdue, who herded volunteers & thanks also to Susanna Kearsley for organizing the agent pitches.

Great workshops. A couple I wouldn’t mind seeing in 2014 – “That’s Gotta Hurt” – I read too many books, see too many movies, where characters get punched, slapped, beaten up, fall down etc and yet moments later they are fine and the next day not even a bruise – none one seems to have sore ribs for weeks after getting punched in the gut, or even sore hands from pummeling the other guy. The other workshop would be a more detailed look at making eBooks.

Ride’m Cowboy


Here’s another of the Montaigne prompt pieces

Mystery Meat [30]

It was what my sister called a mystery meat.

The sort that she would say reminded her of the worst pies or was it the best pies in london. For years I didn’t know what she was talking about till I saw that movie where Johnny Depp cuts Borat’s throat, something someone should have done a long time ago, as far as I was concerned. He’s hairy self-consumed, arrogant jerk. Yeah, I know that was just a persona used to garner some sort of notice, to get him better parts in movies, make him famous like some reality star. You know those reality stars who say they’ve learned so much in the journey this show has allowed to take. They are so grateful for this opportunity to learn who behave in front of cameras with a smidgen of sincerity and good lighting, editing & music at the those tender moments to hammer the message in that ‘hey you are watching me and not the other way around.’

I told my sister that it was elk.





Brown Betty

With this current round of novel edits winding down I’ve been getting back to poetry. First putting together sets for my two (so far) up coming summer features. I aim to make them both different and to have mini-chaps books to sell of the pieces  I do. For the Art Bar feature I’m focusing on down east/childhood material I’m calling Brown Betty.

April was poetry month. I didn’t try this year, as some did, to write and post a new piece every day. I wrote something nearly every day though. Some was work on Lazarus, some work on my novel about coal miners and even poetry.


My current poetry project, other than getting things ready for features & open stages, is to do a series based on the titles of the essays of Montaigne. I read the essays over the past couple of years – they do go on. I really enjoy working with prompts and as there over 100 of these essays I have prompts to keep me going for a couple of months. The pieces will be based on title only, not on the content of the essay.


Reading them once was enough. Here’s one of them:


Of Sorrow (2)


those moments when we glanced

across a subway track

opposite directions

that frequently converged

paths that will no longer cross

missing you

yet still seeing your wave

as you get in the subway car

or I get in mine

a frantic little dance

not caring who sees

or perhaps caring who saw

wanting them to see   to know

you were willing to look so silly

at your age

at my age

showing a world of strangers

that we care for each other

across a the subway tracks

different platforms

different directions

paths that will never

cross again